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Epic of Gilgamesh

Opinion - Monotheism and Trump

Dec 29, 2017


Photo above: The Newly Discovered Tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh

By Anthony C. Adler

From the beginning of recorded history the greatest evil in the world has sprung from the various cults of Monotheism and the cult of Christianity has been the greatest spreader of evil. The crusades began their atrocities in 1096 and they still continue to this day on reading the works of Flavius Josephus except for added forged texts across the ages. There has been no mention of Jesus regarding the Jewish war. We really do not know from whence came the various Christian gospels, but we do see that monotheism raised its ugly head and sent people and nations at war with each other even to this day. Christian and Muslim monotheists are still killing in the most gruesome ways. In polytheist cultures their gods and the gods of their neighbors were all accepted. Perhaps except for a brief period when Akhen Aton tried to enforce monotheism on Egypt. But this became a dismal failure and the city of Amara was razed to the ground by the forces of Horumheb and the gods of Egypt were restored. Jews were a cohesive culture until the legend of Moses came up. Moses is an Egyptian word and it means "The Inheritor". We can trace its origin to a Babylonian epic: The Epic of Gilgamesh, from whence came the Garden of Eden. A wonderful piece of land between four rivers, this stumped historians for many years because there were only two rivers; but modern technology intervened and and from space it can be seen that there are two other ancient riverbeds in evidence. One may wonder where the Ten Commandments came from but one cannot deny their goodness.

My commandments, or the ones that make the most sense to me, come to me from the three monkeys: Hear no Evil, See no Evil, and Speak no Evil. One does not need to follow any gods to understand this logic. On the periphery of all this human greed, stupidity and craziness come into effect. Now the world is faced with two crude megalomaniacs running into each other, both armed with nuclear weapons. Trump has made a new menace combining greed and insanity against another fueled only by the megalomania  and suicidal insanity.

Personally I throw my support behind Mueller and the FBI. Trump must be put out to pasture before he and Ill set the whole world on fire. I suggest that all should be familiar with the great treaty of Kadesh which is engraved in silver on a plaque at the United Nations Building in New York.


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