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Occidental Oriented by Gino Gaffney

Farmers Market, OAEC, West County Movie & Occidental Center for the Arts at Barley & Hops

Oct 1, 2018


Well, howdy ya’ll. It’s past deadline time for submitting my column (again). Here I am at 9:30 at night staring at a blank page, just getting started after a long day of hard physical labor and unlike most months I don’t have any idea what I’m going to write about. Dear readers, won’t you come with me on my stream of consciousness joyride? 

END of Farmers Market Season Halloween Bash! I am having a hard time with the fact that thefarmers market is coming to an end for the year with the last market taking place on October 26th.Please make sure to stop by in the next few weeks to support our local farmers and crafts-people. A suggestion I will make (and have been practicing myself) is to spread the love and dollars around. Don’t just look at or patronize the same vendors every week. Check out the booths that aren’t necessarily in your comfort zone. Even if you don’t end up buying something, just say hi, ask about their goods or how their day is going – it will be good for both parties.

At last weeks market there was an unfortunate accident involving a vehicle and pedestrians. I don’t know many details of the event or the aftermath but have heard that those involved will thankfully be ok. This is a sobering reminder to all that on this joyride of strolling around the market & town or driving through our beautiful area to slow down. Slow down, look both ways. Look again and then proceed slowly. 

Chautauqua! I am glad to say I was able to attend this yearsChautauqua Revue at OAEC, the 16th annual. It was a blast! Fun, wacky, engaging, political, are just a few terms I could use to describe it. If you haven’t gone before,mark your calendars for the middle of next September because I guarantee that it is well worth the price of admission. The OAEC North Garden Theateris gorgeous and the stroll through the garden to get there is enchanting. Seeing the sunset and stars adds to the magic, and the tasty treats and beverages are the cherries on top. I was sitting out on my deck the night after attending and realized that the music and crowd noise I was hearing at my house were the sounds of Chautauqua wafting across the canyon. Pretty trippy how sound carries and a little-added bonus for me that I made sure to repeat the two remaining nights of performances. I love hearing the sounds of a party even if I’m not a part of it.

Speaking of price of admission, I hear that only covers sixty percent of the costs of putting on this amazing event. As such, OAEC is looking for underwriters for the Chautauqua Revue next year. If you have a grand or so to donate and love the arts, this could be for you. You will get your name in the program, four tickets to a show and dinner on the night of attendance. That and a whole lotta love and good karma. Contact James Pelican at or874-1557 (ext. 108).

I just recently re-watched a really good movie that has many local connections and wanted to tell ya’ll to check it out. Burn Country is the name, and no it does not have anything to do with fires. The movie was co-written and directed by a man who grew up in Sebastopol – Ian Olds. It follows the story of Osman (Dominic Rains) a transplant from Afghanistan who is deposited in West County with no friends, limited connections and no idea what makes this place tick. He does have the curiosity of a reporter and a way of stumbling into interesting situations. The movie is well made and entertaining and has mystery and suspense. The portrayals of the people living around here are pretty spot on and the entire movie was filmed in West County so keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of cameos from local roads, businesses and residents. I saw it on demand through Starz recently, check it out if you can.

The ARTS Center: The Occidental Center for the Arts is starting art shows up at Barley & Hops in October. I don’t yet know details, but it’s an extra reason to visit B&H. I am glad to see the place jumping again, and it’s nice to see a collaboration in town. They have live music every weekend, the beer selection is great and ever evolving, and I just heard they have a hot-wing challenge that might inspire a few heat loving readers out there. 12 wings, 6 minutes, no beverage during the challenge. If you can conquer it you get a free beer, tee shirt and your photo on the wall of fame. 

Wow, we made it to the end of another article, thanks for joining me! And happy Fall to all.



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