North Coast Winds by Robin Joy Wellman — March 2020

Everything about March is green! The green grasses are abundant over our beautiful hills, the deciduous trees are starting to show their green leaves, and the waters of our creeks are looking full with green reflections of the greenery around them. Everyone who knows me knows that I love green. I was perfectly suited to wear a green uniform pretty much every day for 30 years working at State Parks. I have lots of green jars in my home with things in them, my clothes including some socks are green, my household items such as towels, bedding, dish cloths, etc. are what color! So it is only natural that March happens to be one of my favorite months. And of course the other big love is St. Patrick’s Day. When younger my hair had many tones of red under the brown, green eyes, love dark beer, love the fog (doesn’t that sound Irish to you!) which always made me think I am part Irish, even though my family didn’t. Until of course we did our DNA tests – and sure enough we are over 40% Irish. Imagining little Irish men dancing around doing jigs brings a smile. And thus the creation of fairy gardens suitable for little leprechauns.

Really! I am starting to create an elaborate (but in a small space) fairy garden at home and the first thing is to start with small tiny plants. You move little rocks around creating little ponds, furniture of sticks, tiny little garden swings, and move the little fairies around the garden. Add a leprechaun for this month as a visitor. I know you might think I have gone off the deep end. But it is sort of like those meditation gardens that have sand and rocks. This brings so much peace of mind and creates a little haven that I can attend to when I need to think small. Try it!

In creating gardens big or small this month I want to shout out to all our nurseries on our coast. Starting in Gualala with the Gualala Nursery and Trading Company. They have new plants coming in every week to create a huge selection. If you have a special need they can order it for you. Susan and Tony are terrific folks and have been in business on our coast for years and years. They have always helped me out with landscaping needs as well as flower pots and gifts inside the store that are very unique. Visit them at their Facebook site Next is Garden By The Sea that has mostly flowers but they also carry a few plants for that fairy garden. Here is their Facebook page And another sweet one is Flowers by Natasha who I happen to love and adore. For more than 20 years she has been creating a space to visit that not only has flowers but also little plants and wall hangings. Great ideas for fairy gardens. Natasha says “Sometimes, no words are needed and flowers say everything on their own”. Please visit her website at In Point Arena we have Outback Garden and Feed. They have everything. Everything! No website but you can find them at 240 Main St in Point Arena or call at (707) 882-3333

Some fun things to do this month are the moon light tours at the Point Arena Lighthouse. This month the moon is called “Worm Moon. You walk up the lighthouse steps and see an amazing view of the moon and night sky with chamgne in hand. You can experience this while staying at their lodging. The Lighthouse Lecture series is “Harbor Seals and other Inhabitants of the Point Arena Lighthouse and the Stornetta Public Lands“ For more information on this lecture and tours in March visit.

At the Gualala Art Center they have classes, music, yoga. Art openings and more at I am sure several restaurants have corned beef and cabbage on the menu. Remember this is the month of Fairies and Irish. Enjoy! May the wind be always at your back.

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