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North Coast Winds by Robin Joy Wellman

February is that Dream State

Must See: Point Arena Lighthouse,

Russia and the Kunstkamera Collection

Jan 30, 2019


I meant to do my work today, the brown bird sang in the apple tree, ….a butterfly flittered across the field and all the leaves were calling me, and the buttercups nodded their smiling heads, greeting the bees who came to call, and I asked the lizard the time of day…., so what could I do but laugh and go'.  Written by Elton John and Bernie long ago, these words brought peace and offered a pace of slowing down, way down. It reminds me of taking long naps in the fields on the land in Annapolis.

February is that dream state – the time after the hustle of the New Year and before the ‘get ready for spring’ chores.  I hope you are all finding your pace and feeling content. I love the rain, the wind, and the clouds as they take on their many shapes. I love the colors along the river beds of the willows and bushes. I love the changing shapes of the creeks and the sand bars. What are your favorite parts of winter? I encourage you all to get out and enjoy our relatively mild winter on our beautiful coast….so much to be grateful for. 

I have noticed a few wildflowers beginning to pop out as I do my walk-abouts. Of course, the Douglas Iris always seems to be first on the bluff and the edges of the redwoods. Various shades of purple and sometimes you will see a white version. In the early 19th century David Douglas noted this flower and gave it the Latin name as he did with many other plants, such as the Douglas Fir along with 80 other species from his many travels.  You might also see the sweet little Pussy Ears or Star-tulip, in the lily family. It has three very hairy purple petals that grows low to the ground in amongst the redwoods. If anyone would like to stroll and look at all plants with me, please let me know. 

The Gualala Art Center will be host to a women’s self-defense class on February 2 with a well-known instructor on our coast, Lini Lieberman-Erich. An art opening will take place that evening with two local artists, Ellen Boulanger and Joan Rhine. The following week is a Cello performance as well as a play production ‘Love Letters’. Many updates and events are noted on their Facebook page at  or the website will list all needed details

At the Point Arena Lighthouse, I will be presenting the 6 year project with Russia and the Kunstkamera Collection. This includes the artifacts collected from the Coast Miwok and Kashaya tribes as well as the collection of early drawings of places and people by Ilya Voznesenskii.  Many insights into the project as well as my 27 year history of working at Fort Ross will be shared to offer a greater understanding of the area, we all live. Here is more info: After you open the page scroll down for the details. Please join me. They also have the Full Moon tours which are fabulous. At the Point Arena Theater in lovely downtown Point Arena a live show featuring Zepparella, an all-woman tribute band to Led Zeppelin, will perform February 9 at 8:30. This is a powerful show and experience.

On February 23, The Soul Rebels will bring the finest in New Orleans style brass with a blend of funk and soul. For all the details, as well as movie and other events visit their web at

February is Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, Feb 4 is eat Ice cream day, Feb 5 is Chinese New Year, Feb 9 is National Pizza Day, Valentines of course, Feb 15 is Susan B Anthony birthday,  most importantly is Feb 17 which is Random Act of Kindness Day. This is a must do for each of us. Surprise with the unexpected!  Well, I hope you all get a chance to lay down in an open field on a dry day and nap! Please contact me with any events or ‘shout-outs’ you might have. Blessings!



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