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Mendocino Film Festival - 55 independent and international films


Special Events

55 Films in 4 Locations:

Celebrating Diversity and Women in Film

"The films in this year’s program represent the magnificent breadth of who we are. They celebrate narratives that go beyond the obvious, deepen our understanding and re-shape our pre-conceptions. Our lineup of films illustrates the human experience in all its glory, messiness, complexity and fullness,” says Program Director Claudia Puig.

The Magical Connection Between Art and Life

Children and Families: Beyond the Mainstream

Short Films: Time and Travel

The ever-popular shorts film program features a lively selection from around the world about time, travel, and time travel. These award-winning films (including a 2018 Oscar nominee) feature protagonists in transit. Dave Mullins, the Academy Award-nominated director of Lou will be in attendance for a Q&A following Thursday and Friday screenings.See our shorts program:

Politics, Environment, Weed, and Very Large Rodents


FESTIVAL TENT, 10701 Palette Dr., Mendocino The main festival venue is the Festival Tent across from The Hill House.

Crown Hall, 45285 Ukiah St., Mendocino Crown Hall was built in 1901 by Portuguese settlers from the Azores.

Odd Fellows Hall, 45101 Ukiah Street Mendocino

Matheson Performing Arts Center, Mendocino High School, 45096 Cahto Street, Mendocino (corner of Ford & Cahto) A classic “little theater,” the Performing Arts Center provides an intimate experience for actors and audience.

Coast Cinemas, 135 South Franklin St., Fort Bragg A locally and independently owned movie theater showing a variety of films.


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