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Kincade Fire Update as of November 3, 2019

Kincade Fire Update as of November 3, 2019

Nov 3, 2019


No acreage growth overnight as personnel continue to make good headway in their fire fighting efforts. Because of this progress, repopulation planning efforts are ongoing and the field damage inspection process is 100% complete. Crews will continue their progress as they mop up and construct more control lines.

A controlled re-entry process is underway for residents and businesses in areas burned by the Kincade Fire. Residents will receive Nixle alerts from the Sheriff when areas are open for re-entry, and can also

Burned areas that have been under mandatory evacuation orders will be reduced to evacuation warnings and opened to controlled access. To reduce traffic and to protect public safety and property, only residents and businesses will be allowed to enter the areas.

To re-enter, people must first go to a check-in site (previously known as a Commodity Point of Distribution or CPOD) where they will be asked to verify their address. Identification is used only to ensure that people live in the area, and will not be used for any other purposes. Residents and businesses will receive a pass from the Sheriff’s department that will allow them through points of entry on roads leading into the burned areas.

As of 11/3/9 at 4:00 PM, the checkpoints at 3487 Alexander Valley Road and Shiloh Ranch Regional Park (5750 Faught Road) will be closing and changing location. As of November 4, 2019, the check-in site will be located at the Local Assistance Center,  starting at 10 a.m.:   
Residents and business workers directly impacted by the Kincade Fire can get a pass to enter the evacuation warning zones by County staff. Go to the Local Assistance Center (LAC), which will open Monday through Wednesday, November 6, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Healdsburg Community Center - 1557 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA

The County of Sonoma, which is staffing the check-in sites, is providing goggles, gloves, masks, Tyvek suits, and booties to residents. When properly worn, this gear can help reduce exposure but won’t totally protect people from hazards.

Bilingual and mental health services are available at the check-in sites.People will also receive  a copy of a Public Health Order issued on November 1 that prohibits contact with damaged and/or destroyed structures until they have been assessed for hazardous chemicals, and that requires people within the burn footprint of structures to wear Personal Protective Equipment, such as protective eyewear, gloves and long sleeves and pants, and closed-toe footwear, such as boots.While roads are passable, people entering the burned areas should use caution and be aware of surroundings.

To view the interactive map for Sonoma, Napa or Lake country please visit the following site:https://kincadeincidentmap 

Kincade Fire Incident Map 11-3-19 at 4pm

Areas that were previously under Evacuation Orders are now under Evacuation Warnings, and are open for re-entry as of 3 p.m., November 3:


Zone 1C: The Briggs Ranch Road area. North of Hwy 128. South of the Sonoma County/Lake County Line. West if Ida-Clayton Road. East of Zone 1D.

Zone 2: Hwy 128 North Knights Valley Area to the Napa County Line

Zone 3C: The Chalk Hill Road

Zone 5B: Area Franz Valley Road area. North of, but not including Porter Creek Road, Mark West Springs Road, and Shiloh Meadow Road. West of Zone 2/Zone 21.

Points of Entry to these zones are as follows:

  • Hwy 128 at Terra Rosa Lane
  • Hwy 128 at Franz Valley Road
  • Leslie Road at Porter Creek Road
  • Pleasant Avenue at Chalk Hill Road
  • Franz Valley Road at Spencer Lane

Nixle alerts will be issued by the Sonoma County Sheriff when these evacuation warnings are lifted, and will be posted

Check-in site locations will also be listed at

Evacuation warnings have been LIFTED for the following areas. Entry to these areas is no longer controlled as of 3 p.m., November 3.

Zone 1D: The Pine Flat Road area. Areas east of, and including, Pine Flat Road. North to the County Line. East of Zone 1B and west of Zone 1C.

Zone 3D: Areas west of, but not including, Chalk Hill Road. South of W. Soda Rock Lane. North of Windsor Town limits. West of Zone 3C.

Evacuation Center: Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building 1351 Maple Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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