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"Ebb & Flow" Poured painting by Dan Kabanuck and Billy Korbus .

The Dynamic Duo of Poured Paint

At the Riverfront Art Gallery

Nov 19, 2018
by Sharon Feissel


Dan Kabanuck and Billy Korbus are both artists in multiple mediums.  Only recently have these neighbors and friends begun collaborating after discovering the technique of pouring paint (perhaps gleefully) on canvas.  They tell us, “We dove right in.  We love the way every piece is different.  We never know what we will get!”  Their collaboration produces truly exquisite abstracts with delicious color combinations and marvelous visual texture, often reminiscent of marbled paper.

Rainbow Pride by Kabanuck and Korbus.

Pouring paint, as you can imagine, is a tricky business.  Dan and Billy say, “The biggest challenge is keeping the colors separated when doing ‘rainbow’ pieces and keeping the really cool patterns intact and on the canvas while moving the paint around.  Of course, another challenge is knowing how much paint to use on a given sized canvas.  A cool thing about this type of painting is the edges and how the paint flows over.  We lose a lot of paint and always lose something cool in the process as it runs off the edge.”

Chaotic Reflection by Kabanuck and Korbus.The amount of detail they achieve is stunning, especially when you think that much of the paint is liquid at any given moment and moves as the canvas is maneuvered.  Due to the fluidity of the medium and their visual texture, detail, and color, these works enliven their spaces with a sense of movement and energy and often even create the illusion of depth.

This dynamic duo or duo of dynamic works, perhaps, has done plenty of experimentation with different types and brands of paint, various mixing mediums, additives to create various effects, and tweaking the types of finishes.  They say, “We are now able to get a more consistent look.  We finally have our own style.”

The Colorful Mind by Kabanuck and KorbusHowever, Billy and Dan aren’t finished experimenting.  Like the fluid paints, the ideas keep flowing.  Some of their current thoughts are to try staggering different pieces over one another, adding elaborate frames, mounting several pieces together to create larger pieces, adding LED lighting, pouring paint onto other objects, and getting into kinetic effects by possibly adding motors so the works rotate or move.  Dan and Billy have been hard at work on paintings for their show, which may or may not contain their new experiments.  However, expectations are high that they will present some truly spectacular works.  This is definitely a duo to watch!

Billy and Dan and their collaborative creations will be featured in a show they call Lost in Creation, part of Riverfront Art Gallery’s Late Fall Show opening November 7 continuing. The opening reception is on Saturday, November 10, 5:00-8:00 at Riverfront Art Gallery, 132 Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma, CA.  The show will run through January 6, 2019. For more information on the gallery, please see the website:  Closed Mon. & Tues.


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