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Dead Pine Trees

Extreme Fire Danger on
Hwy. 1 Timber Cove

Mar 31, 2018
by Tim McKusick


I feel that I must say something to make everyone aware of the Dangerous situation that exists along the Hwy. 1 corridor through the Timber Cove Subdivision: PG&E Lines, Dead Pines & Tan Oaks. 

 These photos document the location, mile marker 35.87. What you cannot see very well in them is the PG&E high tension lines that are in the middle of the dead, dying, falling Pine trees and the standing DEAD Tan Bark Oaks, next to the Highway One roadway. A perfect (fire) storm, waiting to happen.

The fire danger along our scenic Hwy 1 corridor through the Timber Cove Subdivision has never been higher. The drought-ravaged Pine trees are in serious decline. The SOD that has been decimating the Tan Bark Oaks has made it’s way down to our neighborhood above the ocean; everyday more and more Dead Tan Oaks show themselves.

These standing, dead Oak trees are the perfect ladder fuel. And the dead and dying Pine trees are falling over at an increasingly alarming rate. The Pines and Tan Oaks are well within striking distance of the PG&E lines that connect Timber Cove Rd with Highway 1. This, along with the Highway 1 traffic (human) factor are reason for alarm.

What I do not understand is that we in Timber Cove—with the help of Jill Butler, Del Walters andMarshall Turbeville (and others of CDF) have developed a comprehensive Fire Abatement Plan, and are actually paying a monthly fee through the TCCWD to implement the plan.

We need to do something to address this ‘ticking time bomb’ Immediately, if not sooner. We cannot rely on this property owner to do anything. (They are on the Board in control of the Fire Abatement Program!) This is not the time for the same old political games that we have been experiencing here in Timber Cove for the three decades I have owned property here.

We need the Tan Oaks dropped and chipped NOW!

We need the Pine trees that will reach the power lines Removed NOW!!

This letter is putting the responsible parties on notice that they Will Be Held Responsible and Liable if a fire develops as a result of their refusal to maintain their properties. If they cannot afford to maintain their acreages, they should not have purchased them in the first place.


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