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Healdsburg’s Mill District Velo planning more than 20 cycling events in the spring

Spring in Healdsburg is all about community and cycling this year, as Mill District Velo hosts over 20 cycling events from March to May. Like notable destinations Bordeaux and Tuscany, Mill District Velo is set to become a hub for the riding community in Sonoma County, enabling pedal enthusiasts to experience local food, wine, landscape, and culture through the lens of cycling. Mill District Velo will plan rides, provide training and routes, and top it all off with lunch and coffee suggestions along the way.

Mill District's developer, Replay Destinations, is known for creating luxury destinations and communities that immerse homeowners in playful, social, and active experiences. The 9.6-acre neighborhood of Mill District celebrates its industrial history in its architecture and design. Beyond the residences, Mill District will include a neighborhood park ringed by preserved heritage redwood trees, a luxury boutique hotel, shops, and restaurants, all set among walkways, gardens, and near Healdsburg's town plaza.

According to Mill District's Managing Director, David Hill, "Mill District Velo is more than a cycling club, it's a celebration and homage to the cycling community. It's a way for cycling to give back to the community while simultaneously bringing its members together and strengthening their bond." Mill District Velo hopes to attract new riders looking for a strong sense of community, as well as experienced riders looking for a challenge.

Mill District Velo's spring rides offer experiences for everyone, from midweek rides with Mill District Ambassadors Ted and Laura King, to the women's only Grit + Luxe Women's Weekend, designed around five pillars of a perfect cycling weekend: sunshine, adventure, good food and drink, friendship, and physical challenge. The Chef Cycling Series offers a morning of riding through "ride country" with a guest chef and their inspired meal, featuring John McConnell of Clif Family Winery, Ari Weisswasser of Glen Ellen Star, and Matthew Accarrino of SPQR and Mattina.

Mill District Velo aims to be a leader in sustainable transportation and encourages the human-powered way to get around wine country. With rides beginning and ending at Mill District's mixed-use development, Mill District Velo infuses a health and wellness culture and energy into the future neighborhood development.

Join Mill District Velo to experience the vineyard-laden roads, gentle to rolling terrain, challenging climbs, and breathtaking scenery of this unique corner of the globe. With Sonoma County's spectacular spring weather, Mill District Velo riders can enjoy the experience of a one-of-a-kind program not found anywhere else in the country.

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