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Aug 1, 2018


If you could, what would you tell an unbiased team of architects, planners, economists and sustainability experts offering to help us design a viable, healthy, sustainable Healdsburg?

This August everyone in 95448 has that once-in-a-generation opportunity. Come, be heard at theHealdsburg High School gym, Monday, Aug 13th, at 6 PM.

Then don’t miss August 15 when the team presents Healdsburg with a sustainable roadmap to 2040.(Read story on page 1)

Need some ideas for the SDAT visit? The following comments are from neighbors responding to “What concerns you, what do you wish for and what do you love about Healdsburg?”

Died and gone to Healdsburg!

I love that everyone’s friendly! Su gente amable.

Small town character—big town sophistication. 

Keep our hospital open. Raise school enrollment. 

Love residents & visitors. A safe place to raise families. 

FFA Parade! Our neighborhood was extended family, now too many weekenders.

 Open a gay bar. Bring Garrett’s Hardware back downtown!

Too many tasting rooms, real estate offices, high-end boutiques. We drive to S.R. to buy underwear. 

Equity & inclusion for ag workers. Long live Downtown Bakery “bench bunch.”Mi sueño es que siga asi de tranquilo y pacifico. Spend more on education than wine. 

Bring the train here NOW. Equitable sewer rates. 

Remove ethnic & class barriers. Me gustaria que estén todos los días abierta la alberca.

Open a late-night coffee shop. Think next generation. Dia de los Muertos—Beautiful!

OMG, my kids can’t afford to live here. That’s awful!

Pass a housing bond. Artists’ lofts and live/work opportunities.

Co-operatives=common interest, not money interest.

Infill housing rocks. Mixed-use all along Healdsburg Ave. 

Stop sprawl; ag land is priceless. No big developments.

More subdivisions. Build incrementally. 

Design 4-plexes that look like one home rather than big motels. Cottage courts. 

Keep it real, mix it up, no rich or poor ghettos. Build big apartment complexes south of the bridge. 

Raise building heights around the plaza; make top story residential. Decent affordable housing for farm & service industry workers. Build for below 40% AMI; housing for everyone who works here. Help homeowners & renters; eliminate building fees for ADUs.

Shelters, tiny houses! Healdsburg land trust—purchase some downtown retail buildings. 

Who says affordable can’t be well designed? Offer substantial rent reductions for people who walk, bike and don’t own cars. 

No sprawl south of the bridge. Limit usually vacant second homes.

We’re frying, the river is drying up. Another glass of wine?

Buy local. Protecting the environment protects jobs. Waste is a wasted opportunity.

Local recycle and compost centers. Tool lending library. Protect soil & family farms.

Ban plastic takeout containers. Plant more lawns, hang flower planters on lamp posts. Be the nation’s model for urban permaculture.

Greywater systems required in all new buildings. Reduce toxic runoff to the River and Creek; install rain barrels/rain gardens. Plant more trees; plan replacements for aging Plaza trees. 

Solar energy rooftops downtown and all new buildings.

Urban Permaculture & transportation integrated: no car traffic on bike & walking paths.

More plazas. Relocate the Foss Creek rats.

More River access. Rebuild the train bridge. Reduce pollution: Use “LESS” (Local Electric Shuttle Service) to deliver neighbors to/from farmers’ market & Tuesday concerts. Who says we have a parking issue; we just have a shortage of shade trees. 

Embrace simpler, more efficient living before unsustainability forces us to.

Artists can’t live or work here anymore. You’ll miss us!

Diversify now! Too many eggs in the tourism basket. Become known for our arts & crafts school with student dorms and studios near the train station.

Más fuentes de trabajo. Need a public restroom next to the Plaza. 

More hotels and resorts; are you kidding? Has tourism peeked?Manufacture prefab homes locally. Hotel discounts for guests arriving by bicycle.

Repeat movie night in the Plaza. It’s a Round-About bank-account. 

Under age music at the Raven. Build an indoor soccer field in the Cerri Building. 

Bring back our TV station. Government/Community partnership. TRAINS NOW! Affordable retail for people who live here.

Community-friendly businesses to balance out wine tasting. Renovate the Raven Theater; give local performing groups a home. 

Expand Healdsburg Museum in the back.

Keep us homegrown: focus on what locals need. Medical marijuana dispensary.



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