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Guerneville ~ Rollin on the River by Yvette Bidegain — March 2020

By Yvette Bidegain

Before I tell you what’s Rollin on the River this month, I first want to thank Beth for trusting me to take over her column and for her many years she shared all her exciting news and fun activities. Beth, we wish you all the best in your new Groovy adventures whatever they are!

So, let’s see what is “Rollin on the River”

Spring is in the air, “Lest We Forget” last year at this time, the river was rollin' on us. Now we are rollin’ on the river. It’s time for us to start planting our seeds, from gardening, business and fun.

Since we are on the subject of planting our seeds, the Sonoma Nesting Company’s garden is now open. If you want to find plants that you will not find anywhere else, you need to stop by there. Come and plan your summer garden or just enjoy the greenery Wed-Mon 11-6. It’s got a very tranquil feeling.

The Guerneville Library is starting the season off right with a Joni Mitchell concert on March 2, at 7:00pm. So, if you like mellow music this is the place to be to sit back and relax and enjoy some tunes. If that is not your cup of tea, no worries the library has lots to offer this month. Visit their website to see what’s going on. If you miss that concert no worries, “I’m spreading the news” Perrish Sings Sinatra, on March 7. Dinner and a show at the Monte Rio Community Center. Tickets at Eventbrite or call 707.865.6100.

Ever wanted to know what is going on at the Chamber of Commerce, well the monthly mixer is March 4 at Lynmar Estates Winery 3909 Frei Road, from 6-8pm. Stop on by and see what they are mixin' up. The Chamber is also offering a business lab at the Chamber office. This is for an existing business or someone who is just starting or thinking about a business. Great opportunity for members or non-members. They will be presenting webinars and consulting services. Lots of training seminars to help you with your business or future business. Great information for you so you are not reinventing the wheel. Their website

Lights, Camera, Action! Curtain Call theater in Monte Rio is kicking off the season. What better way to start it off than with an Irish Drama, right before St Paddy’s day. “The Beauty Queen of Leenan”. It takes place in a location in Ireland. March 13 – April 4. They are all working hard on their accents. Nothing like watching a play pure talent. What you see is genuine!

Happy St Paddy’s Day! If you don’t feel like cooking March 17, we have several restaurants that will be serving up Corned Beef and Cabbage. So many choices Served ALL day long:

Pat’s International LLC serving traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage for Breakfast/Lunch

Timberline serving Corned Beef and Cabbage

Smart Pizza always has the Zorba the Greek pizza with pesto great choice on St Paddy’s Day

Stumptown Brewery Traditional Style Corned Beef and Cabbage

Russian River Senior Center Traditional St Paddy’s Luncheon RSVP by 3/13/20

The Senior Center has lots more going on than the café. Go online and check them out at

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O! You talk about a fun time. The sister’s Bingo is not your normal Bingo . Not only will you win money, you will have a blast. The Sister’s Bingo this month is on March 14, at 7:00pm. The theme is “Over the Rainbow”. They sell out fast so if you’re interested go online and get your tickets now!

Have you ever wondered what cheese would go with what wine? Well wonder no more Equality Vine is offering a Wine and Cheese pairing. Cofield Cheese and Equality Vine is offering this pairing on March 21, 3-7pm. Sounds like a delicious time! Speaking of wine…Big Bottom Market has just launched a new idea. They have partnered with selected wineries to deliver lunch to you on the day you go wine tasting to the wineries. You must preorder @ That is a great idea. I always need food when I’m wine tasting.

Just a reminder that Guerneville School will be on break from March 16th-20th. Look out for all the youngsters in town crossing the streets.

So, we have lots rollin’ on the river this month. Enjoy and I leave you with a quote,

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

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