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Gualala Town Under attack by Cal Trans and a few business interests

Our little coastal town of Gualala, a sweet little nature-scape town, a gem with so many caring people that have put effort into keeping it small and quaint, is under attack by Cal Trans and few business interests. A ‘highway’ concept is emerging. After years and years of work by local residents (Robert Juengling as a lead) to get the power lines buried and leave the streetscape free of lines is now being threatened by expanding the street in a ‘mall look’. Does Cal Trans really need a NEW PROJECT? At the risk of being political this can’t happen! The Gualala Town Plan ( which was a 17 year effort with hundreds and hundreds of opinions is still the active plan.

The plan states ‘shall be required to make Highway 1 a scenic element of the Gualala townscape’. And this current plan by Cal Trans does not fit in. The plan continues to state, ‘to preserve and enhance the rural, coastal character of the town of Gualala…..” So what is being proposed from a 22 foot blacktop highway is a 66 foot plus overdone roadway. Many business owners have been working together to bring in updates and create what the Gualala Town Plan calls for – working together to create more space, turn in lanes, and more parking – only to be overthrown with this current plan.

Basically ‘Gualala’s appearance is critical to the future of the eco-tourism in Mendocino County’. And residents also want a small town feel – that is why they live here. Not a commercial zone of pure pavement. Next time you drive to Gualala try to imagine a completely paved downtown - not possible. What do we want! When do we want it! NOW! Please comment; please send support to keep our town simple by emailing . Attend meetings with GMAC or contact Tom Murphy, vice chair of GMAC at Stay tuned!


Enjoy downtown Gualala. Walk the trail that is along of the bluff of the ocean maintained by Redwood Coast Land Conservancy Visit Mill Bend and give kayaking a try with Adventure Rents. They are a true home town business. About 10 years ago my son worked for them for a few summers with great memories. Visit them at

Two art exhibits are set to open in September at Gualala Arts Center: “In Paper and Wood’, and ‘Asian Rhapsody’ look terrific to visit. One class is set ‘Botanical Printing with Vibrant Colors on Fabric and Paper’. Two musical performances, ‘Roots and Rhythm’, and ‘Dave Brubeck Centennial’ also look welcoming to attend. BUT please check their website for updates and cancellations:

They have a great web cam ONLINE take a peek.
They have a great web cam ONLINE take a peek.

The Point Arena Lighthouse has cancelled all of their events and programs until further notice. They have a great web cam to take a look. You can drive out and park along a safe place and walk around the area safely. At the Arena Theater the live shows and cinema are postponed until safe to welcome you all in. They do have telecasts to partake in watching some of the greatest talent in Opera and Ballet and many other shows. The Coast Highway Art Collective continues to sooth our soul with fabulous art. They have ‘Safe Shopping Days every Friday and Saturday from 11 to 2. The gallery is moved out to the patio with a limited number of guests allowed and the main gallery can be seen with an escort. Visit them to learn more about their offerings

The Mendocino Mask Makers continue to offer FREE masks. Contact them here at You can pick up masks up at Visual Gallery in Point Arena Wednesday thru Saturday from 12-5. You can also request masks from their website. Masks are necessary not an option. Please friends wear a mask.

And last, I am looking for three or four able bodied folks to help with the Adopt a Highway Program clean-up near Jenner. We walk the road every three or four months for about two hours keeping our scenic roads clean. This is a wonderful give back to our community. Please contact me if interested. Thank you.

Many blessings to you! Stay well! Wear a Mask!


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