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Green Valley winery DuMol expands with acquisition of nearby Dr. Galante Estate

DuMOL Winery has recently acquired the Dr. Galante Estate Vineyard in the Green Valley AVA of Sonoma County, expanding its estate holdings to 80 planted acres. The vineyard's cool northern hillside exposure, deep fog intrusion, and classic Goldridge soil provide excellent grape-growing land, making it an ideal addition to DuMOL's existing Green Valley Estate vineyards.

DuMOL's commitment to quality winemaking is evident in its ongoing study of the land, including the Pacific Ocean's fog, free-draining soils, and heritage vine selections. The winery's crew of 15, including its winemaker and partner Andy Smith, associate winemaker Jenna Davis, and viticulturist James King, implement the most sensitive agricultural practices to strengthen DuMOL's pursuit of excellence.

The Dr. Galante Vineyard will lead DuMOL's Wester Reach cuvée, a pinot noir that expresses the varied soils, microclimates, and entire Russian River Valley appellation. DuMOL plans to focus on its preferred heritage vine selections and begin a process of incremental redevelopment of the property after the 2023 harvest.

DuMOL's estate vineyards are all within a 10-mile radius, farmed by its in-house crew. Since its inception over 25 years ago, DuMOL has been studying the distinctive Green Valley of the Russian River Valley, known to be one of the coolest appellations within Sonoma County and an exceptional place to grow pinot noir and chardonnay.

The Dr. Galante Estate Vineyard is located in the Green Valley AVA of Sonoma County, California, and was first planted with 22 acres of Pinot Noir vines in 1998. The vineyard was previously an apple orchard, which was converted into a vineyard by Dr. Maurice Galante, a San Francisco-based surgeon and UCSF Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Galante worked with Peter Mondavi to create several limited-edition vintages using grapes from his vineyard. The vineyard's Goldridge soil and cool northern hillside exposure, along with the region's deep fog intrusion, make it an ideal location for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

DuMOL Winery's recent acquisition of the Dr. Galante Estate Vineyard offers an welcome opportunity for the winery to expand its nearby estate holdings and continue its pursuit of quality winemaking. After the 2023 harvest, DuMOL plans to begin redeveloping the property and focusing on its preferred heritage vine selections.

The acquisition of the Dr. Galante Estate Vineyard coincides with the Russian River Valley'AVA’s 40th anniversary and offers an exciting new chapter for the winery. It is also a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts to experience DuMOL's exceptional wines and witness its commitment to in-house farming and quality winemaking.

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