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Golden blooms in Geyserville

The other golden wildflower

California poppies can be spotted in numerous places around Geyserville, and these showy flowers are bright harbingers of spring and summer. However, they are not the only wild gold in the garden. Geyserville is home to a smaller but equally beautiful golden-orange flower, the so-called “pot marigold”, a small native calendula. The term “pot” has nothing to do with that other crop in Sonoma County - it just refers to its past use as a culinary herb. Once it takes hold, it grows easily with the winter rains, dying back when it gets too hot.

Lake Sonoma race day 50 Miler and Marathon - It’s on!

The Lake Sonoma 50 Miler and Marathon is happening with race-related events starting on Thursday, April 7, a pre-race on the course on Friday, April 8, and the race itself happening on Saturday, April 9. You can check out the official schedule at the Relentless site at There are still registration slots available for the 50 Miler, but the Marathon event is now on a waitlist. Connect up with Healdsburg Running Company for information on local races in the Geyserville and Northern Sonoma County area and many related running events.


While the open-air temporary tasting area has ended, Locals still offers tastings of a double-handful of local wineries. If you are looking for a true “taste of Geyserville” and closely surrounding areas, this small tasting room provides it year after year. The current lineup includes wines from A. Toraño,Denier-Handal, Dot Wine, Drive Wines, Eric Ross Winery, Gore Family Vineyards, Kitfox Vineyards, Munselle Vineyards, Peterson Winery and the William Gordon Winery. It’s open from Wednesday thru Sunday 11 a.m.6 p.m.

Seven-day schedules are so 2019!

Speaking of Wednesday through Sunday, that is one of the variants on the “new 5-day week” for much of the area, as restaurants and other businesses struggling with staff and supply issues are recognizing that outside visitors are mainly concentrating on those days. Coppola’s Rustic is now only open Wednesday-Sunday, Catelli’s is closed Monday and Tuesday, and so on. A recent attempt to find dinner for a guest on a Tuesday night became almost comical. She had already dined the previous night at Diavola’s - one of the few places in our area to be open seven days a week - and it took seven calls to find a semi-local place to eat that was actually open on a Tuesday night.

Corner Project

This Thursday-thru-Sunday-afternoon brewpub posts its weekly menu on its website, so you can plan and ramp up your appetite in advance. It joins a number of local Sonoma County restaurants in slightly revising some language on its menu - the locally-famous Corned Beef Reuben and its close cousin the Veggie Reuben are now featuring “Ukrainian” dressing. (Anybody else remember “Freedom Fries”?)

Oliver Ranch annual tour - sold out!

This popular once-a-year tour of the Oliver Ranch art installations is now sold out. Please note, if you had tickets to previously-canceled tours from 2021 and 2020, those will be honored on other special dates and you should be hearing from the organizers directly about those tours.

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