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Goatlandia Farm opens vegan kitchen in Sebastopol

After serving up delicious vegan food for years as a way to both raise funding for their rescue work and advocate for a healthier lifestyle, Goatlandia is now launching their first ever vegan kitchen in Sebastopol.

Located at 6811 Laguna Park Way in Sebastopol, Goatlandia Kitchen is set to open in January. Until then, they will be cleaning, renovating and making some improvements to the space, which was formerly a meat-based BBQ restaurant.

The new Goatlandia Kitchen location will function as a catering kitchen, a location for brunch, lunch and dinner pop-ups, and a kitchen for their “Lunchtime Takeover” food advocacy program; serving free plant-based organic lunches to local businesses. The kitchen will also be available to other vegan chefs who want to collaborate with Goatlandia on food events or create their own vegan food products.

Having owned and operated restaurants since 1992, and a founder of the very popular Wildseed Restaurant with locations in SF and Palo Alto, Deborah has always had a passion for food. That passion evolved when she witnessed slaughterhouse footage ten years ago, became vegan overnight, and launched Goatlandia. Her love of food blossomed, as did her personal and spiritual health. She and the team at Goatlandia firmly believe that eating plant-based is not only good for the animals we share the planet with, but also beneficial for our health and the environment.

After feeding delicious plant-based food to thousands of people over the last eight years, the demand for Deborah’s food has grown exponentially and many people have experienced positive changes in their lifestyle as a result. She and her team are excited to share their food and their vision with the community. All proceeds from the restaurant and catering will, as always, help fund Goatlandia’s rescue work.


Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary is a Sonoma County based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2016. Goatlandia’s mission is to rescue unwanted, orphaned, abused and neglected farm animals and provide them with a loving, safe home at our sanctuary and also through our adoption program. We also love educating the public about the many benefits of a compassionate, eco-minded lifestyle and plant-based eating. We are all about making friends, having fun, eating great food, and living kindly and in harmony with animals, people, and the planet.

Helping Animals, People, and the Planet.

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