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Feeling Graton by Jennifer Butler - October 2019

Greetings Graton

Well, that went quick! Summer leaves and fall begins to fall. I am struggling getting up in the pitch dark again; so tempting to lay back down “just for a few more minutes”. Our little village has been busy with new housing, road work and our fair share of tourists. With all the company it is real easy for downtown to show the brunt of it as we do not have a garbage or street cleaning service. I know its not fun to clean up after people but if you see something and don’t grab it likely no one will.

Remember to let me know of anything you would like to see covered in this article. Next Month I will be covering updates on:

Graton Community Club’s Fall Flower Show

Mark your calendars for the Graton Community Club’s Fall Flower Show October 18th and 19th Friday and Saturday 8896 Graton Road in Downtown Graton | 707-829-5314

This is a wonderful long-standing tradition in Graton. Admission is always free.

Ongoing at the Graton Community Club are:

Yoga with Denise Monday- 8:45 am and Erin-Thursday 8:45 am Judo with Lance Lameyse -Tuesday & Thursday

Don’t forget this is children AND adults. I ran into Graton Local Amber and she has been taking Lance’s class and said that both she and her Peyton son go. She loves it!

Graton Green Continues To Bloom

Three benches made by local artists have been installed in the Graton Green. Each is really different and a work of art. The bench by Thomas Kolonuzs-Partee is totally covered in nickels. It sits under the old water tower. Another is a beautiful bench by Chris Cheek as a memorial to his wife, Ellen Kaplan Cheek. Ellen was a member of the Graton Green Group Board of Directors and our treasurer. We miss her daily. The third bench, byCricket Seagull, is a work of beauty all in ceramic pieces. Miwok andPomo Indians are honored as well as the local area which was called,“Batiklechawi,” which means“The Land of The Elderberries.”

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