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Graton Green Under Construction.
Graton Green Under Construction.

Graton Green West
Opening in June;
Help Needed

& Graton Kids Bike Swap
& Cannabis Update

Apr 28, 2019


Is “Ridiculous Busy” in the dictionary yet? If not, it should be and then next to it should be my picture. I had a lot of topics that I wanted to cover in this edition but am so behind on just everyday stuff that I can only get to what people have so kindly sent me this month. I hope that you are health and happy. Happy graduation to you graduates!!! Enjoy the journey. I goes quickly. 


An opportunity for the neighborhood children to bring their bikes down and swap them out for one that is the right size or to work on them.

Neighborhood children are invited to a KIDES BIKE SWAP. To be held Friday May 10th, 2019 from 3:30-5:00PM. The event will be held in the parking lot at the Graton Day Labor Center. The event is intended to be an opportunity for the neighborhood children to bring their bikes down and swap them out for one that is the right size and/or work on their bikes. Learn how to lower or raise their seats to fit their bike better, patch flat tires, and grease chains. Even if they do not have a bike, they should still come and see if they can find one or if they have one to donate but do not need one, bring it by. If you have any questions you can contact Stephanie Elliot at  or   530-354-1646


Dear Grateronians:  The sod for the Graton Green is in!  It looks soooooo pretty!  Thank you to all who helped out - Cary, Walt, Buffy, Rowan, Jerry, Emily, Terri, Tim, Jamis, Colin, Cedric, Jenny, and there are more!  Thank you, thank you!  Of course, thank you to Orrin for his generosity in time and financial donations, and for having his workers out to help, also.  And, some of the trees are in!  The burgundy ones, alternating with lime ones.  They have lovely names, I'm sure, and we'll have to learn them because they are so pretty people will be asking.  


Go to to take a 3D tour of the plans for the Green, created by Nate Le Amand 


The Graton Green West is opening June 2nd, starting at 4:00.  Jennifer Kruzmar from the Open Space district will be speaking, and we have invited our supervisor Lynda Hopkins to help us celebrate.  Both leaders were very helpful in helping us receive a grant for the purchase of the property between Edison, Bowen and Shirley Streets, just 1/2 block off Graton Road.  (I say Graton Green West because all the Green won't be ready for us to open until later in the year.  We're opening the west side bordered by Bowen & Shirley Streets on the June 2nd opening day.) 

It's a potluck celebration so bring a dish, your plates & stuff, and a blanket for picnicking on the new lawn.  Tables & chairs also will be provided.

The Hubbub Club will lead us in a march around the Green on the new pathways inlaid with personalized bricks by park donors.  Chris Riebli will be playing during the rest of the festivities, which include a community potluck on the new lawn.  Tables and chairs will be provided, also. 

The ceremonies will take place at the new stage constructed for the water tower amphitheater.  Some of the benches made by local artists may be installed by June 2nd, and if not, soon will be.

The play equipment will be installed after the opening.  However, our intent is to have all the park features, as much as possible be multi-generational and/or multi-functional.  I've attached a sketch of a bench that meets both criteria and is a collaboration between myself (HolLynn) and local artist Thomas Kolonusz-Partee.    Also, you can go to take a 3D tour of the plans for the Green, created by Nate Le Amand.  Go to: .

We have been working on creating a community gathering place for Graton since 2007.  In the meantime, there has been a successful community garden run by Jane Kurtz and others that fulfilled that need for several years.  


One more thing:  Did you buy a brick? Your personalized bricks will be installed for the June 2nd opening! The personalized bricks will be delivered May 24th, so please respond to HolLyn if you canhelp install bricks starting Saturday, May 25th.  This is your next opportunity to be a Graton hero and be part of a community that can. Looking forward to hearing from you, HolLynn   (707) 829 9440 


From Anna:

The Board of Supervisors decided to include Phase II of the Cannabis Ordinance (Neighborhood Compatibility) in the County's two-year work plan. All your emails had a great impact, so thank you for those! The final vote was put off until June 4, because some of the budget and time allocation issues were sent back to Permit Sonoma for clarification. FOG (Friends of Graton) believes that Phase II will move ahead though, and that is what they were working towards. 

It appears that the supervisors recognize that the current Cannabis Ordinance has problems, including community compatibility issues, and so it is likely that the County will work to replace the current ordinance with a new Cannabis Ordinance. That is good news because we feel that the supervisors will elicit input from the public and neighbors in drafting the new ordinance. Their goal is to reduce conflicts with neighbors while streamlining the process for industry. We are cautiously optimistic. Thank you for your support. Anna Ransome for Friends of Graton (FOG).



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