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Pork is considered lucky in some countries.
Pork is considered lucky in some countries.

Easy Slow Cooker
Pork Loin and Saurkraut

Dec 28, 2019


It's that time when we all make commitments to our new year's resolutions. I've given up on creating new goals at the beginning of the year. Every day is a new day and a great day to start on a new goal, new year or not. What I really need in my life is some luck! So, I thought I would research lucky foods for the new year and make a list of all the ones you can find at your local farmers' market. 

I don't want to discourage anyone from having resolutions especially if one of your goals is to eat healthy and support your local food system as well as the local economy. Now  you can think of the luck you will be invoking as you eat those foods!

Pork is considered lucky in some countries including Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria because in most of those countries the pig symbolizes progress. It is believed that the animal never moves backward as it pushes forward snout to the ground foraging for food. So, rejoice in having bacon or pork chops. 

Second on the list of fortuitous foods is round fruits. Yes, round fruits including oranges are held in high regard around the globe because their shape represents a coin and the sweetness their sweetness are the common denominator. In the Philippines the custom calls for 13, a lucky number. In the US and Europe the number is 12 to represent the months in the calendar year. 

Chinese Cuisine holds number 3 on the list in high regard. A whole fish insures a good year from start to finish. The Chinese word for fish sounds similar to the word abundance, another reason it is a good luck food. 

Fourth on the list is Pomegranate. This jeweled fruit is a treasure in Turkey. Their red color, which represents the human heart, denotes life and fertility; their medicinal properties represent health; and their abundant, round seeds represent prosperity.

Leafy greens including Collards, Kale and Cabbage are thought to bring prosperity in the new year.

In the Americans, South and North as well as Europe you will find our fifth lucky food which is eaten to encourage prosperity. Leafy greens including Collards, Kale and Cabbage are thought to bring prosperity in the new year if eaten on New Year's Day. Since they are similar in appearance to paper cash it is believed the more you eat the more prosperous (and healthier) you will be. 

Now you have all you need to be healthy, happy and prosperous in 2020. See you at the farmers' market!!! 

Pork Loin with Potatoes and Saurkraut. Photo: free imagesEasy Slow Cooker Pork Loin and Saurkraut


1 lb whole pork tenderloin 

1.5 lb baby potatos

Large jar of saurkraut (make your own or pick up from a local fermenter)

1 cup of water 

1 stick of butter, cubed

Pepper & Salt to taste 


Place whole pork tenderloin into a slow cooker. Arrange potatoes around the pork; pour the sauerkraut and juice over the pork and potatoes. Add butter cubes, salt, and black pepper. Cook on Low until pork is tender, 8 to 10 hours. Add more water after 8 hours if mixture seems dry. 

Serve with roasted beets or radishes as a side dish.  


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