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Love at the Farmer's Market

Feb 5, 2018


By Kelly Smith

If you have been following my article each month you may have noticed I have been focusing on a seasonal fruit or vegetable that you can find at the farmers’ market including a brief history of that particular crop and follow it up with a great recipe to try. This time around I thought I would go a little broader. Since February is often considered the month for lovers due Valentine’s Day I decided to make a list of items you can find at your local farmers’ market this time of year that are known to have aphrodisiac qualities. If you are in a relationship these may come in handy to get bring a little extra romance into your life. Shopping your local farmers’ market as a couple or preparing food together is a great way to strengthen your bond as a couple. If you are single the farmers’ market is a great place to meet someone since it is a community hub filled with people who love to support our local food system as well as like to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Asparagus season is coming up. You will see these delightful bundle of spears cropping up towards the middle to end of the month. It is known for being high in a B vitamin known as folate that aids in increasing the production of histamine. Histamine is important for a healthy sex drive in men and women. Asparagus is sweetest when it first picked. All the more reason to pick it up at your local farmers’ market.

2. Celery is not what you would normally think of as a libido inducing food, but according to Judy Gaman, Dr. Walter Gaman, and Dr. Mark Anderson, authors of the book “Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health,” eating celery actually increases the pheromone levels in a man’s sweat, making them more attractive to women.

3. Chilis add heat to your dishes.Did you know that stuff that makes chilis hot, capsaicin, can actually rev up your libido too. Have you ever noticed a natural high when eating chilis? Capsaicin promotes the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins that give you a natural high, which pumps that libido! Chilis are not in season but you will find some farmers create their own hot sauces to use in the off season.

4. Eating garlic in the raw may make your partner turn the other way when asking for a kiss, but it can certainly stir up your sexual desire. The heat in garlic is what stirs up your libido. Garlic contains allicin, which is thought to increase blood flow to sexual organs. This trick doesn’t work overnight however, apparently you need to consume it for about a month to reap its rewards. Just a few farms have fresh garlic at this time of year but you may also find some farms grind it down into powder form to use in cooking.

5. Almonds have long stood as a symbol of fertility, and scientists are now bringing more fodder to the myth. Almonds are rich in selenium and zinc, both essential for reproductive health. The omega-3 fatty acids in almonds also boost blood circulation and get the juices flowing!

6. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, which combats high blood pressure, a condition that is associated with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Sweet potatoes are also rich in beta-carotene, providing the body with plenty of vitamin A, which boosts fertility by promoting better cervical fluid. The internet is no stranger to sweet potato recipes, but perhaps the best and most straightforward way to enjoy sweet potatoes is as French fries!

7. Arugula is a spicy salad green that will also spice up your love life. Praised for its libido-boosting properties since the first century AD, the pepper, bitter, leafy green vegetable arugula nearly graduated to “fertility god” status among Ancient Romans. It has been known to cure bedroom anxiety as well as preventing inadequate performance Arugula is chock-full of vitamins and minerals and it fits gracefully into your salads, smoothies, and soups.

8. Oysters have long been suspected as a love drug. Cleopatra and Casanova had one thing in common, they loved oysters. Legend has it that Casanova ate dozens of oysters per day. The Venetian romancer reportedly once seduced a vestal virgin by seductively sliding an oyster from his mouth to hers. If that doesn’t get you in the mood, I don’t know what will! In fact, current research proves our suspicion. Oysters improves dopamine levels which boosts libido in men and women.

Almond Arugula Pesto with Penne


5 ounces baby arugula,
some leaves reserved for garnish

3 tablespoons blanched almonds,
toasted and chopped (2 ounces)

1 small clove garlic, chopped


1. Combine arugula, almonds, garlic, lemon juice, and cheese in the bowl of a food processor; season with salt. Pulse until coarsely pureed. With motor running, slowly add oil, processing to a paste.

2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil; add salt. Cook pasta until al dente, according to package instructions. Drain; transfer pasta to a bowl. Add pesto and toss to coat evenly. Drizzle with oil, garnish with arugula leaves, and serve immediately. Serve some oysters on the side and you will have
a special evening!



Feb 6, 2018
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