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Different Perspectives: Photographers Greenberg and Cluer

Feb 5, 2019
by Sharon Feissel


The featured artists in the Different Perspectives show (currently at Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma), could hardly be more dissimilar in subjects and approaches. One gives us a scientist’s appreciation of nature; the other combines photos of posed models for a created effect.

In her portion of the show, with the sub-title Visual Rhymes, Alexis Greenberg has drawn inspiration from darkroom photography. 

In one series, she photographed two black and white images side-by-side, and in the darkroom enlarged the pair of negatives into a single two-part image where some form or aspect of the one leads to the other. 

Subsequently, in a color series, Alexis placed one image on top of another, overlapping negatives and taking advantage of her computer lab, blending the two originals into a totally new piece.

Martina, Italy

She says, “Through these pairing processes, I am creating ‘visual rhymes’ inspired by movement, light, contrast, and how the images flow as one.  My goal is to create a new way of seeing the components and giving these images a quality that did not exist before. With the models, I tend to crop heads and concentrate on actual body interaction and movement, pushing a sexual tension.”

Images of humans always imply a background story, but Alexis leaves interpretation and story creation to the viewer.  Although multiple-image works have been at Riverfront previously, this show is quite different from anything else at the gallery.

Transitions I

With 40 years of camera skills and the eye of a student of nature, scientist Brian Cluer is presenting photographs taken along the edges of the Wood River in Idaho on a clear, but frigid morning last November. 

As a pilot, much of Brian’s repertoire is aerial shots, but he is also attracted by what he terms “intimate landscapes” — small bits with their own compelling beauty and topography. 

The sub-title for Brian’s portion of the show is Transitions. Brian explains, “As Fall edges into Winter, water flowing along stream banks begins to change states from fluid to solid. This transition from water to ice creates irresistible patterns around rocks, sticks, and leaves. For a brief time, a whole new landscape emerges.  The ice patterns indicate the direction of water movement, as well as the direction of ice formation. A wild range of patterns form as the water crystalizes.  Once snow falls, this vignette of time and conditions are obscured.”

Brian has made ice and its forms into an intriguing and lovely show subject.

Transitions III

As is clear, the Different Perspectives show offers considerable contrast in both method and subject. It is an interesting juxtaposition of contrasts, one that encourages contemplation and appreciation.

Petaluma’s Art Walk evening is Saturday, February 9, 5:00 to 8:00.  The show runs through March 3rd.  Works by gallery members and Invitational artists are also on view at  Riverfront Art Gallery, 132 Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma, CA. Closed Mon. & Tues.

For more information on the gallery, please see the website:


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