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Costeaux French Bakery Supporting Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma Family Meals

Costeaux French Bakery is on a mission to bake a lot of bread. The bakery is committing to make 15,000 loaves of bread per month to support the work of the Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma Family Meals. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis there has been a significant increase in the need for bread to feed our community. The demand continues to rise. Costeaux quickly stepped up and adjusted production schedules to support area markets and grocers as conventional products became scarce.

“In these extremely challenging times, ensuring that people have basic provisions to sustain themselves and their families is critical,” said William Seppi, President/CEO of Costeaux French Bakery. Seppi noted, “Our schools and food banks play an important role in ensuring that food is available to the most vulnerable.” Normally bread is an abundant provision that overloads food banks, however in today’s environment that is not the case. To help supply the needed requirement for bread, Costeaux has crafted the Knead Program which will directly support the Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma Family Meals.

We recognize that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted everyone in one way or another. There are people and organizations wanting to contribute to their community. This program is a way for that to occur. Not unlike so many businesses, Costeaux was impacted significantly when the shelter-in-place order was initiated as many of the bakery clients shuttered their doors. Community is one of the Costeaux Core Values and the bakery knew that it could help during this crisis.

Knead Program. Buy bread for those in need.

The bakery has committed to the first 2,500 loaves of bread and is now seeking others to help. For each loaf purchased, Costeaux will match that with another loaf of bread. You can support this initiative with a $5 dollar contribution for a loaf which will be matched by Costeaux. There’s opportunity in volume as well. A $20 contribution buys five loaves and $100 contribution buys 30 loaves all of which will be matched by Costeaux. Visit www.Costeaux.Shop to support the Knead Program or direct donations can be sent to Redwood Empire Food Bank ( ) or Sonoma Family Meal ( ).

Costeaux French Bakery traces its roots back to 1923 starting as the French American Bakery in Healdsburg. The company was purchased by the Seppi Family in 1981. Today, Costeaux bakes and distributes a wide range of baked goods including hearth baked breads, cookies, and cakes throughout Sonoma County and the greater North Bay area. The company operates based on four Core Values – Family, Community, Service and Quality. Visit

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