Commentary: Bad vibrations

Boycott the Trump-supporting faux “Beach Boys” at the Green Center

In February 2020 a group calling itself “The Beach Boys” played at the convention of Safari Club International, apparently at the invitation of Donald Trump, Jr., who was the keynote speaker. Safari Club International promotes the murder of innocent animals for fun.

In October 2020 this same faux “Beach Boys” performed at a fundraiser for Donald Trump.

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, both members of the original Beach Boys, condemned both of these concerts and urged the public to boycott them.

Mike Love has hijacked the name of the group and is the only original member of this fake “Beach Boys.” He has stated his strong support for Donald Trump numerous times and the faux “Beach Boys” also played at Trump’s inauguration.

Back in the early ‘90s I sat in Donald Green’s office, drafting up grant proposals to fund our vision for the future of the Sonoma State Symphonic Chorus (later the Bach Choir). Don and I, who sang together in the Chorus, were also on the finance committee and had decided to apply to various foundations to support the Chorus’ future. I didn’t yet own a computer (!) so Don was allowing me to use the one in his office. We never did get a penny from all of those foundation proposals, so eventually, in essence, Don just said “Well, I guess I’ll have to fund it myself.” His original vision for a small choral hall eventually ended up being the renowned Green Music Center at Sonoma State.

Don and his wife Maureen, one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met, who also sang in the Chorus, were two of the most human and humane people I’ve known. Kind, thoughtful, considerate, generous, sophisticated and also extremely modest, I am quite certain that they would be appalled to learn that vocal supporters of the despicable and ego-maniacal Donald Trump and his bully-boys would be sullying the center that bears their name.

In addition, Maureen was one of the major supporters of the Humane Society. She would be absolutely disgusted by these faux Beach Boys and their support for murdering beautiful creatures for fun and ego.

I have asked the Green Center to cancel this performance and told them I will be boycotting this performance and other performances if they do not. I urge you to do the same.

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