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Photo: City Foodsters/Flickr

Opinion: Students Who Benefitted from College Admissions Scandal Should Reapply

Apr 29, 2019


By Julianna Perri

Every year many high school seniors will experience the nerve-racking task of applying to colleges. Most students have a dream school in mind that they hope and pray to get accepted into. However, for 50 individuals who were involved in the College Admissions Scandal this year, they did not have to hope and pray to get into their “dream school”. With the help of their multimillion-dollar parents, acceptance into their dream schools became a reality.

The mastermind behind this scandal was  William Singer. He was the man to contact if you wanted to obtain a sports scholarship for your child or get a prompter to change your child’s ACT or SAT answers. Individuals paid him thousands and thousands of dollars to get their child into college without their child doing any of the hard work necessary to get into college.

Many individuals got into elite colleges such as Yale, Georgetown, the University of Southern California, Stanford, etc. These students did not have to go through years of planning out classes, taking extracurriculars, and preparing for the SAT to get accepted into these schools.

As a current college student, I remember how stressful it was to apply to colleges and how disappointing it was to get a rejection letter. I also remember how good it felt to get accepted to a school because of my hard work. I took time out of my weeks to study for the SAT and I took the three hour SAT on Saturday. I did not hire someone to take the test for me or to change my answers, so I would get a better score.

I think it is extremely unfair that these students were able to get into elite schools and have wonderful ACT and SAT scores without earning it. It makes me wonder how well they are doing at their colleges since they did not get accepted to the school based on their skills.

So now what happens to the individuals involved in this scandal? Do they still get to attend their schools?

According to CNN, it depends, “where in the application process they were and whether they were already enrolled or had graduated when the cheating was discovered.”

It does not seem as though colleges have a direct decision or plan of action. Who knows, maybe they will continue to attend the school and graduate? Their parents are getting in trouble and facing jail time, while the students are not facing any immediate consequences.

I do not think these students should still be able to attend their schools. If they want to continue to attend their university, I feel as though they have to reapply. They need to go through the application process truthfully like every other student did that is attending their college.

Just because you have money does not mean you should be able to pay your way to college or pay your way out of a crime. We have seen it for years, wealthy individuals paying their way into schools, but it needs to stop. The reality of it all is scandals like this will probably continue, but hopefully, this scandal opens the eyes of individuals that there are consequences to scheming your way into college.

Some may disagree with what I am saying and believe that students should be able to continue attending the schools since it was their parents who paid Singer. However, they were still involved and I do not believe they were unaware of the scandal. There is no way these students were surprised to get into elite schools or receive an amazing ACT or SAT scores.

Their parents had to pay their way to get into university, which shows they were not capable of getting into these elite colleges on their own.

Money doesn't buy you happiness; it may buy some individuals a way into college. The only money that should be spent on colleges is tuition, not secretly buying an acceptance.

Our society is too driven by money and believing if they have the money they can pay their way to get something. Education is a right that everyone should have access to based on academic skills, not something people can scheme their way through using their privilege.    


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