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Today's owners have an owl on the wall greeting you as you walk through the door in recognition of what came before. Image:
Today's owners have an owl on the wall greeting you as you walk through the door in recognition of what came before. Image: / Composite Ceylan Design

New Restaurant
El Milagro K
eeping Cloverdale’s History Alive

Feb 25, 2020
by Carol Russell


If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him...
the people who give you their food give you their heart.  — Cesar Chavez

Sitting and looking out across Cloverdale from a window in my home, tranquility seeps through me. Cloverdale is a peaceful place to live and explore. My Mom used to tell me that if you feed someone you make them your friend. Carol and I have lots of friends - ones we have fed in celebration and fun, ones we have fed on the run as we contend with daily life, and ones we have fed when they are sick or somehow need sustenance. 

Chicken potpies, soup, empanadas, chicken and leek hand-pies delivered to help feed and nourish our friends when cooking is not on their radar. Sitting and talking or watching movies together to make the time pass easily. That is what friends do. It is part of the peacefulness found living in Cloverdale.

El Milagro chicken and rice delicious plate.

But, your feeling okay today, so you go out, and begin to wander the town. You encounter simple things like El Milagro,  the new Mexican restaurant in town,  being where the old Owl Café was located. Today’s owners, Marco Zamora, Alan and Anna Valverde, and Julio Vazquez have an owl on the wall greeting you as you walk through the door in recognition of what came before, keeping Cloverdale’s history alive. Mouth watering Mexico City styled food: 485 S. Cloverdale Blvd., (707) 894-6334

The delightful little 'building' in front of Renner Petroleum, is Rockin A Adventure Cafe. Great reviews are “pouring in”. Image: drift to the other end of town and visit the  Rockin’ A Adventure Café,  the brainchild of Trevor Ambrosini. He wanted to be here in Cloverdale. Trevor is bringing a fun, delicious Disneyland experience by experimenting in his espresso bar with Koffee, tea, chai, and koko flavors that take people beyond the ordinary. Great reviews are “pouring in” (no pun intended). In case you don’t recognize the address, you may have noticed the delightful little “building” in front of Renner Petroleum, now decorated to remind us of the adventures awaiting us out in the world. Visit these delights at: 1313 South Cloverdale Boulevard.

However, friends are people. Joining them to celebrate as we did last weekend at the Citrus Fair Parade. Marching Bands, politicians (of course), the local community organizations that help so many, little kids and little dogs, dancing horses, and candy being thrown everywhere. Close friends, neighbors, people you have seen but don’t know, and those you have never seen before, all gathered to share the fun and the joy. The kids were dancing in sheer anticipation; the adults talking and laughing with those next to them – all reveling in companionship and conviviality. Later, we all move along to the fairgrounds and the colorful rides with kids and adults yelling and screaming – some with fear and others happiness. Even, the noise and the movement of it all brings on the tranquility of community.

Then, there is sitting on the front porch on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening and listening to the shouts of students, parents nd others as they whoop and cheer the teams playing on the school and park fields – football, soccer, baseball, and even track.

Competition! Who will win? All of them will as they do their best! The halftime music rolls through the night as the players take a break and the spectators greet friends and neighbors, replenishing themselves with that wonderful concession food that is so “healthy”, but, once again, creates a bridge between people. 

You can get this same feeling of tranquility laced with excitement visiting the parks around town. Random games of ball – football, baseball, soccer. . . Running, laughing, skipping rope. Of course, there are the picnics – people gathered around food to share, laughing, spending time together. 

People you love, people you care about, people who feed your soul. Those are the people to whom you give your heart! That is community! That is Cloverdale!

Carol Russell & Reese Foxen




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