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Childrens Book - The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship

The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship is the first in a new children’s book series that addresses values that are important for future generations. Raising well-rounded children who are decent people that contribute to society is getting more and more challenging in today’s world.

Based on the real K-9 herself, in the first book, wefollow a smart and gentle Papillion in her journeys learning valuable life lessons with her diverse group of animal friends. Rosy Posy's story invites your child to participate with vivid illustrations, “bite-sized” easy to read pages and fun songs in each book. Parents will find excellent teachable moments & quality storytelling that will lead to more independent and successful children. It is a refreshing story thateven has a fun song they sing together. You can’t help but smile when you sing it with them!

“We are friends, buddies to the end. Friends are kind, the hardest to find. Friends are caring, lessons in sharing. The fun has begun, together everyone!”

“This is a positive message that we all can be reminded of. Rosy and her friends are adorable. My children loved the Friendship song and remembered the words! They were singing it in the garage. More stories like this one, please.” Amazon Review

There is a real Rosy Posy! She was adopted by the author who is a foster mom for Pap Haven Rescue. One hundred percent of the authors’ royalties from the book benefit Pap Haven Rescue.

Author, Diana Rangaves relates, “About one month after she arrived, Rosy escaped into my field. I found her safe visiting with the pony, ram, and goats! Rosy Posy is strong, curious, and has courage. We need a tool to teach each half generation of children values in a compelling, fun, and bright way. So, the inspiration of the twelve values series of books was born.“

There is a RosyPosy.Club website where children can follow a treasure hunt and earn a Rosy Posy Bookmark.” Discover RosyPosy.Club at

The local author, Diana Rangaves, is a pharmacist, ethics professor turned writer. An accomplished educator and business professional she now uses her powers for good writing health related articles, children’s books and political thrillers.She has spent her life in the pursuit of education and giving back.

Well respected in her field, she became part of the faculty of one of California’s leading Junior Colleges. Dr. Rangaves earned several awards during her tenure; including, Outstanding Contribution by Adjunct Faculty, The Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies Award and the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation Grant Award just to name a few.

Diana received a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. During the height of her career as a pharmacist, she started her own clinical consulting service where she continually facilitated positive results for her clients.

She lives in Sonoma wine country caring for her family and loveable critters and soaking up inspiration for her future book titles. Explore:

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