Grateful We Can Easily Access The ‘Great Outdoors’

This story was originally published June 29, 2020.

As we have just begun actual summer, windows are open in my airy cyber-hut and I can now enjoy the redwoods and the star jasmine blooming nearby.

As we know, we have all greatly adjusted our ways of living and working in order to stop the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. We are bombarded by all media of the numbers that are testing positive, spikes and of course deaths. We are very grateful to live where we can easily access the ‘great outdoors’ without leaving the confines of our own homesteads.

All Burn permist are suspended.
All Burn permist are suspended.

Some folks have made the difficult decision, due to age and medical conditions, to absolutely shelter in place and not to leave their own area. These people usually have family members or others who can shop and help the impacted person. Some of us take turns going briefly into supermarkets, banks and gas stations. Now many restaurants are reopening to dine-in options, but at reduced capacity. The coastal parks are open and we may once again take a short drive to stare at the waves, walk the dog on permitted beaches, picnic, surf and simply enjoy the beauty after 3 months away.

The very dry weather has caused me and many others to worry about the extreme fire danger. Please, please cut back your brush, clean off the roof and rake up yard debris. Maureen Berry, Cazadero Community Club president, reminds us that all burn permits issued by Cal Fire are cancelled.

Our local fire departments and Cal Fire are relying on all of us to help them with fire safety and prevention. Check out to donate to the only private fire lookout in Sonoma County. We all need to be wardens of the land and help to protect it for all.

The Cazadero Community Club’s meetings are still on hiatus and you may pay club dues of $25 family and $15 individuals to PO Box 3, Cazadero.

The Redwood Empire Food Bank, with the help of volunteers from the Jenner Community Club are participating in a food donation each 1st Wed. from 10:00-11:00 AM inJenner/adjacent to the Sea Store. Cars line up and the groceries are deposited in your vehicle. Very nice service! You can also search for refb food distribution points by clicking this link.

7th Annual Cazadero Recycling Circus/ Flea Market Public · Hosted by Marissa Martinez-Adamis and Cazadero Community Club. Image:
7th Annual Cazadero Recycling Circus/ Flea Market Public · Hosted by Marissa Martinez-Adamis and Cazadero Community Club. Image:

I am happy to announce that the Great Cazadero Recycle Circus is back downtown on Saturday, July 11 from 9:00 to 4:00 pm. Please call Kathie Merrill at 632-6086 to reserve a spot. Lots of fun! This event was begun by Cathy Schezer of the late/lamented Sky Garden and is a great place to shop.

Sellers to provide your own table and shade if desired. Local Artisan craft makers, and local produce vendors also welcome. $0 fee this year, but must sign up in advance. To participate as a seller please contact Kathie Merrill @ 707-632-6086 or email ; please note that you must agree to the COVID restrictions. This includes wearing a mask, and observing the 6ft social distancing. Please help us make this a safe event for everyone.

West County Community Action
West County Community Action

No matter your politics, I urge you to help end racism and other related social ills in the greater community. I had the honor in the 1990s to serve on the Hate Crime Prevention Network of the SOCO Human Rights Commission. The many red HATE STOPS HERE decals that adorn businesses in Guerneville and Monte Rio are the result of our 5th District group the West County Community Action Committee. With the assistance of the SOCO sheriffs the group instigated a very positive dialogue on why it was necessary to make hate speech and hate crime unacceptable in the West County.

Trainings were held for businesses on how to react to incidents and we received a generous donation from RR Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to buy T shirts, bumper stickers, etc. to help spread the awareness.

Beginning as a Congress of Racial Equality organizer in the early 1960s, I continue to strive for the absolute inclusion of all races, ethnicities and genders in the effervescence of American life.

I wish a very Happy July Birthday to Jeanne Ruggles and Jorden Merel on the 4th, Arissa Ellis on the 10th along with Iris Grandunov. Irm Sikorski will celebrate on the 13th, Taryn Parmeter on the 14th, Todd Parmeter on the 16th, Doug Parmeter on the 17th, Cami Schoenfeld on the 18th. Community volunteer Toni Parmeter has her day on the 19th along with Casey Chambers. Duece Rose enjoys the 20th, Dave Jackson on the 22nd, my dear friend Lilah Tuggle on the 26th and Jenna Parmeter on the 28th. Tie Dye Queen Nancy Caplan festivates on the 31st.

Be well, please drive carefully and call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero column. Have a safe 4th!

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