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Celebration and Chaos

Dec 29, 2017
by Joan Poulos


This time of year it is easy to miss deadlines. With that in mind, my musings may be less than relevant.

Christmas time is a time of celebration, and of chaos. The stores are crowded and merchandise mixed. One way to avoid the crowds of San Francisco is to shop online. Another is to shop locally as much as possible. My purchasing efforts have been stymied by car issues this year. My tried and true X3 is now the property of my college age kids and is off to Montana. My new car is wonderful, but it never seems quite finished. Nevertheless, we are glad that we stayed local and bought our new car here instead of giving in to the promised lower prices online. We have been pleased with Hansel Subaru. We especially appreciate the efforts of Corey McGoldrick and Dillon Riverras who took the time to deliver our car (we were stymied temporarily to get the new car here.)

An interesting problem we have discovered. The car is duly garaged, but the local mice vastly prefer the warm garage (and the warmed up car) to the big outdoors. We have done several things to dissuade rodent damage to our new car (our last one suffered) and are open to suggestions. The last one is to put a mouse trap inside the car, but I can’t face that. We don’t want to put out poison because as much as we resent the raccoons feasting on our garbage (even removing the bungee cords) we do not want to poison any animals—maybe mice are becoming an exception. One garage owner recommended a ring of peppermint around the car. We are willing to try.

This week is the time for singing. The community Christmas carol sing was Friday night. Last year it was larger attendance but we had another good sing-along. Nearly sixty people attended, with a most welcome delegation of young members from the Bodega Bay Church, many of which speak Spanish and helped immensely with Nino Lindo (sung in both Spanish and English.) We especially love it when some of our neighbors dress up like old English carolers. Peter and Carolyn, we thank you for your participation.

We are gifted by the participation of Maggie (who puts all the words up on the screen) and the beautiful voice of Naomi as she soars to the high G in The Christmas Carol. Her beautiful solo was so warmly received that she received a standing ovation. The Sing-Along was a bit shorter than usual, but very well received and basically a lot of fun. The cookies contributed by the Fisherman’s Chapel women were wonderful; and the contribution of raw vegetables by one of the church members was a real hit. It still surprises me (delightfully) when healthy, young people forego the wonderful cookies in favor of the celery sticks and raw carrots.

POTHOLES - We hope someone repeats the magic number to call if your road has potholes. ( PHONE: 707-565-2231)

It would be hard to imagine a worse access than the road into Whaleship Road. The potholes have been full of water until this week. It is now possible to see what huge holes impair access/egress from Bayflat road. The neighbors have improvised and cut a weaving path around the huge holes. This works as long as we don’t have more rain and the alternative path will be flooded. We have decided to all call our local Supervisor. As responsive as she is, she might have some pull with the county and get our road repaired. Even the PUD workers complain. Now we should get letters from propane providers and PG&E to make the county realize what a true problem we have.

Fisherman’s Chapel is looking for a substitute pianist to accompany our congregation that really likes to sing. Whenever I had to be absent, Carol Morgan stepped in, but now she has unfortunately moved away. If anyone is interested, please contact me. It is a very pleasant job (there is a small stipend) and a good way to feel useful in your community.

One absence this year-- no little tree. For the last few years the Coast Guard Auxiliary has put up a little electric tree at the end of the breakwater. We would all be willing to help if they would get this going again. Various boats put up small groups of lights, but as far as I can see there is no community Christmas tree this year. We miss it. It marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. Good traditions are a pity to lose.

We still hold our breath at Gleason Beach; we pray for those in Southern California who are now experiencing the fire like we suffered. We continue to pray for Peace in Israel and Palestine, and throughout the world. Christmas is a time to share; to enjoy family and friends, to enjoy the Bodega School children’s paintings in the postoffice and to take time to thank God that we live in the US. We still have hope that our government will recognize the power of a democracy and that Judges should have tried at least one case before they are appointed for life. For those of us who have tried many and taken so many depositions we no longer count them, we urge the Senate to keep denying any Judge candidate who has not. Experience breeds competence, especially in Courts.

Some things we individually can’t change, but we keep trying. At least there is one thing we can all do and that is, “Recognize that Peace starts at home and we can make our little corner of the world more just and Peaceful.” Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka and BE KIND.

Bodega Bay Beat by Joan Poulos


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