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Great Ready for Crab Cioppino!

Jan 22, 2017
by Joan Poulos


Never let it be said that the Bodega Bay Fire Department is not ready for action. Already they have reserved the Grange for their pancake breakfast July 1. They have agreed to let the Fisherman’s Chapel meet at the firehouse, since July 1 is a Sunday which the church had reserved. That kind of co-operation is what makes Bodega Bay such a good place to live.

Another example is the annual Grange Cioppino Feed. It is all set for January 21. The corral, where the big outside pots are, is all set, and the members have already divided up their responsibilities. The Crab Cioppino, which received the award for best Cioppino last year is already sold out. As usual, Donzil Gentry and Ida Moore have headed the organization and the event is moving smoothly.

The only downside is that both Donzil and Ida have asked to retire. Grange badly needs some new volunteers for next year. Both Ida and Donzil have said they would train. This is the main fund raiser for Grange and along with contribution from Fish Fest and other community events, provides the financial ability to keep the hall open and functioning. If you could volunteer, call the Grange and leave your number, or call me (or Jim Moore, the President.)

We are all set for this year.Now, if the crabs co-operate. The season is open up north, but locally we are still sweating having enough to serve the number of people who want to share this wonderful repast. The good news is that if we can’t get all locally that we need, The Tides will help us out. We can, if necessary, use their contacts and get crab from Oregon (costly, though). We appreciate them standing by. Rod Moore works magic in getting these all organized. One thing is assured: if we serve crab it will be fresh and wonderful.

The lectures at the Marine Lab have been excellent.Check their schedule and pick the topic that interests you. Drive carefully as more and more bicyclists come to the coast. Locally Fisherman’s Chapel mourns the death of one of their members, Greg Pinnard. He was a free spirit and lived mostly outdoors but he was obeying the law and riding his bicycle along the white line. The woman who plowed into him apparently didn’t agree that “Bicyclists’ Lives Matter.” Some of our roads are narrow – be alert, courteous and KIND.

The food distribution process is ready to roll. The Waves of Compassion Foundation has made all the arrangements to buy the food from the Redwood Empire Food Bank and they are contacting consumers who want to obtain the food at low or no cost. For years we have been trying to get Meals on Wheels out here, but with no results. At least now these hard working Grange members have set up a program to help bridge the gap.

It has been lovely weather.We are so lucky to have received some rain and to have escaped any major slides. The hills are greening up; the fawns are growing and experiencing new food (including my flowers when we make a mistake and leave the gate open and the dog inside). The raccoons are getting very good at opening garbage cans (how they get the bungie cords off so easily is amazing). There is even some nest building happening. It seems early, but the wild animals that survive learn to take advantage of all breaks in the weather or temperature. Our street is very busy with construction trucks, equipment deliveries and home improvements.

One change has happened: no longer do the real estate agents tell prospective buyers that Whaleship is the closest route to the beach. One very generous owner has now posted her land and the days of all day parking are gone. The neighbors faced off- leash dogs and even stamped out more than one burning cigarette butt tossed aside along with broken vodka bottles. Had hikers been more responsible the route would probably have remained open.

Enjoy the weather. Start looking for the returning whales and take a jaunt up to watch the seal-pups take their independent dips. We continue to hope that the salmon will come back and that our fishermen will once again have a profitable year. In the meantime join the walkers at Stillwater Cove Regional Park. Go learn about seaweed and sea vegetables. Learn who eats seaweed and maybe eat some yourself (February 24 at 11 a.m). It’s a wonderful world; give thanks that we can be alive to enjoy it.


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