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Bike away a day to Forestville

The sun screams it: bicycle season is officially here. The sun is out and the early summer breeze is keeping temperatures relatively manageble for outdoor activity. While the pollen might be strong this season, so is the desire to hop on two wheels and enjoy Sonoma County at its finest.

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than by taking a bike ride to the west Sonoma County town of Forestville. While situated between Highway 116, which would make for a frightfully treacherous ride, the West County Regional Trail runs right up to the town’s entrance. Thanks to this trail, which is maintained by Sonoma County Regional Parks, Forestville is accessible by bike from almost anywhere.

By bike

Santa Rosa to Forestville: Take the Joe Rodota trail through Sebastopol. Ride past Andy’s Market and through the town of Graton to meet up with the West County Regional Trail.

Sebastopol to Forestville: Hop on the Joe Rodota past West County High School to whiz through Graton to meet up with the West County Regional Trail.

Graton to Forestville: Head past ‘downtown’ to the north side of Graton to connect to the West County Regional Trail. Pro tip: the county has a port-a-let at the beginning of the trailhead for those with full bladders.

What to do when you’re there

Start your morning off with a visit to Roaster’s Coffee. Cross the street and head over to Nightingale Bakery for well-earned pastries (Don’t forget to snag a loaf of their one-of-a-kind bread for later!).

Consider stretching out from your ride in the park with some yoga under the big oak trees.

Check out the antiques store; there’s always a little something for everyone. Antiques not your style? Visit Occult, which provides everything crystals and witchcraft related.

Say hi to the firefighters at the Forestville Fire Department on Mirabel Road. They’re bound to provide you with a sticker or two (and perhaps a hat if you really want one).

Go wine tasting at Joseph-Jewell Wines. Visit their website at for different tasting options.

Don’t drink and ride! Soak up that wine with tasty tacos from La Rosa Taqueria or a juicy burger from Carr’s. Pro tip: Bring cash for Carr’s!

Pick up a Gazette and relax in the shade at the Forestville Youth Park on Mirabel Road. Fun fact: The Sonoma County Gazette was started in Forestville!

Tune your bike up at Russian River Cycle Service.

Need to groom your best friend? Hop into Scissorhands and make your next grooming appointment.

If you’re feeling up for your own groom, check out Shear Pleasure Salon.

Feeling generous? Stop by Food for Thought to make a donation; the organization provides nutritious food to local community members with serious illnesses, including HIV.

Reminisce the good old days at the El Molino campus.

Finally, snag some dinner at Canetti’s Italian. The Main Street bistro boasts a robust wine menu and some motorcycle eye-candy, located right in the dining room.

After you make the venture, tell us about your favorite part of your trip! Share your experience to

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