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Astrology Report: Mars heading intro retrograde

When a planet turns retrograde it’s time to retrace our steps. Where are we, how did we get here and where should we go next? This month Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and remains in that direction until early January. Usually Mars represents new beginnings, but when retrograde, it’s time to pause, reflect, review and revise our activities.

Activating Mars is one of the ways that we express our self. It can function physically, sexually or through anger. During its retrograde period it enables us to make sure that our bodies are being taken care of properly and that our needs for physical connection are being satisfied. If we discover lacks in that area, we can strategize about ways to improve our self care. In terms of anger, this is a good time to make sure that we are both in touch with our anger as well as expressing that emotion appropriately and effectively.

This is also a good time to return to projects we previously started but are still incomplete. We can review them to find their significance and value in present time. If they prove worthy, work to complete them. If not, let them go and cross them off your to-do list. Similarly, this is a time to research projects we would like to begin and the strategies we will employ once Mars turns direct. This is not a time to start something new for two reasons. One is that this is a time for planning, not actualizing. Second, and most important, is that our physical energy and drive are lower than when Mars is direct. We literally lack the energy to follow through successfully on various new projects.

Another way to utilize the time of Mars retrograde is to prioritize things in our life that are not so self-oriented. For example, we experienced a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces last April. The fact that these are the planets that rule Pisces, implies that this was a very powerful transit. The fact that they have not been conjunct to each other in about 170 years renders this alignment even more significant. Conjunctions are times of new beginnings. Pisces represents, among other things, the desire and ability to tap into transcendent consciousness. In other words, the orientation to recognize our connection to Spirit. This awareness in turn enables us to prioritize spiritual growth and minimize the expression of self. Pisces is a sign of service. Mars will be in Gemini, another sign of service, the entire time it is retrograde.

Gemini serves through communication. We can capitalize on the retrogradation of Mars to review our means of communication. Do we have a clear enough grasp of our knowledge that we actually have something to say? If we do have clarity, are we communicating it? And communicating in the right way to the right people? By extension we can also notice our gaps in knowledge, and contemplate ways of expanding that awareness in the future. Interestingly, Mars in Gemini will be square Neptune in Pisces all month. There are two challenges associated with this aspect.

One is the importance of balancing information we gather and share through the intellect (Gemini) and that which we perceive and share through intuition (Pisces). Second is the importance of focusing both on social interaction (Gemini) and spiritual interaction (Pisces). If we get the balance right, we can use the period of Mars retrograde to enhance our identification with our higher self (the eternal soul) and minimize our identification with the ego (temporary self).

Even though Gemini likes to think, learn and socially interact, we can make best use of Mars retrograding through Gemini by contemplating the ways in which we are limiting our mind to only mundane awareness. Now is a good time to integrate transcendent awareness with both our understanding of life as well as the ways in which we serve others by inspiring and supporting them. It is best to wait until Mars turns direct in January before embarking on these new behaviors, but now is the time to clarity what we want them to be.

Aries: Mars is your ruling planet. This is time to clarify your thoughts. Counteract any normal tendencies to be intellectually impatient or verbally aggressive by engaging in deep introspective thinking. This is a time to deepen, not broaden, the mind.

Taurus: This could be an extremely creative month for you. Combining patience, confidence and opportunity, this could be a very fulfilling period. Conflicts between your interests or desires and those of family members or partner could surface in late month.

Gemini: The biggest challenge for you is to slow down your mind. With Mars in Gemini you could be even more intellectually stimulated than you usually are. Similarly the drive to communicate is powerful. Resist the above by reviewing both your intellectual interests and ways of sharing them.

Cancer: the New Moon in Scorpio on the 25th is a solar eclipse. This could be a time of heightened self-awareness. The focus of the clarity should pertain to values, priorities and financial security.

Leo: Harmonious, affectionate even romantic energy is strong for you this month. Making positive connections with friends, neighbors and relatives is a good way to share this energy, at least in part. You may be drawn to physical activity in mid-month, but keep track of your actual energy level in order to avoid getting depleted

Virgo: Now is a good time for mental clarity and intellectual inspiration. Late month could bring challenges with a child or a partner. Use the clarity gained during the Mercury retrograde period to clear up previous confusion between yourself and others.

Libra: Four planets will transit through Libra this month. Growth can come from maintaining your inner balance while avoiding tendencies to try to balance other people’s expression. Similarly, make sure that there are clearly defined limits in place in order to avoid taking on people’s problems.

Scorpio: The New Moon will be in Scorpio on the 25th. It will also be a solar eclipse. The eclipse is in some ways similar to Mars (your co-ruling planet) being retrograde. In both cases it’s time look within the self for clarity and guidance rather than doing what these phenomena usually portend which is to be interactive with others.

Sagittarius: This could be an interesting month in two ways. One is opportunities to play, perhaps in creative ways, with others. The second is to focus on who your friends are and discover your true connection with them. This could lead to relationship changes in the future.

Capricorn: While the rest of the zodiac slows down, this may be a time for you to be more active. This could pertain to your social life, your romantic life, your creative life or your career. Growth can come from taking advantage of the opportunities without tying yourself down with too many shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Aquarius: Your two basic selves are activated this month. For example, your need for inspiration and the freedom to act on it will be as strong as your need for productivity and control. Growth comes from balancing and activating both parts of yourself all month long.

Pisces: Focusing on inner work, both psychologically and spiritually, is a great way to take advantage of the energy this month. There may also be inner conflicts between the desire to be of spiritual service and the need for more ego gratification. Growth comes from maximizing the former and minimizing the latter.

Rio Olesky has been studying astrology since 1967 and has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1976. The author of Astrology and Consciousness, A Manual for the Modern Mystic and The Astroreader, Rio offers classes through Zoom every Tuesday evening. Call Rio at 707-887-1820. For more information. Check out his website (

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