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A reimagined view for Sonoma Creek

Sonoma Creek – A parkland in waiting!

Last winter an article in the Audubon Society Magazine entitled “Struggling California Marsh Gets An Overhaul to Prepare for Rising Seas” was of significance for Sonoma Valley residents. (Audubon Magazine, Alastair Bland, Reporter, Winter 2020) The article details the result of a five year program by the Audubon Society and other agencies to revitalize the Sonoma Creek marsh. The marsh was opened to San Pablo Bay and hopes to bring new wildlife, birds, and marsh grasses to replace mucky marshes with pools of stagnant water.

Looking upstream from Schellville!

If the delta can be transformed, why not Sonoma Creek miles upstream? The Creek flows from its source in the Mayacamas Mountains through Sonoma Valley picking up water from its tributaries with historic or romantic names like Yulupa, Calabazos, Asbury, Hooker, Carriger and Felder. The annual flow changes with the seasons and rainfall levels. In years of heavy rainfall the Creek overflows its banks in many places. This year and last there has been a low flow due to a periodic drought. This grand stream passes through communities in Kenwood, Glen Ellen, Boyes Hot Springs, El Verano, Maxwell Park, western Sonoma, and farm lands on the way to the marsh and bay,

The view from the bridge. Most Sonoma Valley residents only get to see Sonoma Creek as it passes under bridges. A few people visit the creek at intervals such as the dam in Larson Park and along a small rock beach in Maxwell Park. In the summer young folks swim behind the dam at Larson Park. Camp site evidence indicates some people find periodic housing along the creek. Admittedly creekside residents like those on Riverside Drive are more fortunate than others when it comes to enjoying the creek. However, Sonoma Creek, a great natural resource, remains largely inaccessible and hidden from view for most people in the valley.

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Underbrush, trees, debris, and inaccessible terrain hide a potential parkland from Sonomans! The County and/or State surely recognize that a valuable natural resource exists in our midst. If interest and investment like that utilized in the delta were applied downstream from Kenwood through Sonoma, the valley would have a magnificent water parkway.

While traveling in Germany this writer passed several rural towns where grass embankments were clear and the slopes leveled off to meet the local streams. Residents, hikers, and bikers used the banks for rest and recreation. Sonoma County could perform a similar transformation of our hidden beautiful waterway. Sonomans, especially Springs residents, might contact Supervisor Susan Gorin and ask about this idea. Has there ever been a proposal to utilize this beautiful natural resource? (

Proposals for SDC will have significant effect on Springs residents!

At the end of January the County Board of Supervisors received an update and community input regarding the future of the SDC. The planners will now develop three proposals for the SDC’s future and the Board will decide what to incorporate into the “Specific Plan.” There are recommendations for housing, child care, groceries, educational services, non-profit organizations, and maybe a Native American History Museum. Whatever direction the Supervisors take there will be an impact on Springs residents.

Certainly employment opportunities may open. It is a case of self interest as well as community improvement for Springs residents to stay abreast of the forthcoming proposals.

Sonoma Valley locations For Covid-19 vaccination

According to website sources the following locations in Sonoma Valley are open to vaccinate persons 70 and older. For further information go to

Safeway – Sonoma

477 West Napa Street, Sonoma

Register on line:

Sonoma Valley Veterans Memorial Hall

126 First Street West

By appointment only, no walk-ins. Contact Sonoma Valley Community Health for appointment information. (707-939-6070)

Sonoma Valley Hospital at Sonoma Valley High School

20000 Broadway, Sonoma

Register online at

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