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5-minute songs for your drought-friendly shower

Here at the Gazette, we’re looking to reduce our water usage as much as possible. But we’re also looking to still have fun. Welcome to the 5-minute shower playlist. Help us add to it by emailing your suggestions to

1. “That’s Not My Name,” by the Ting Tings. Run time: 5 min. 11 sec. (We know it’s over. Get used to 5 minutes).

2. “Home,” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Run time: 5 min. 6 sec.

3. “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana. Run time: 5 min. 1 sec. (Hey Gen Xers, we see you out there!).

4. “No Diggity,” by Blackstreet. Run time: 5 min. 4 sec.

5. “Kids,” by MGMT. Run time: 5 min, 2 sec.

6. “Wanted Dead or Alive,” by Bon Jovi. Run time: 5 min, 8 sec. (Bonus points if you can get that Bon Jovi coif)

7. “California Love,” by 2Pac, Roger and Dr. Dre. Run time: 4 min. 43 sec (This one gets you double bonus points for being under 5 minutes and for being about California. RIP 2Pac.)

8. “Cry Me a River,” by Justin Timberlake. Run time: 4 min. 48 sec (This one gets you bonus points for being 12 seconds under time).

9. “Clocks,” by Coldplay. Run time: 5 min. 6 sec. (This one gets you no points).

10. “Susie Q,” by Creedance Cleerwater Revival. Run time: 4 min. 34 sec. (Hello bonus points!)

11. “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes. Run time: 4 min. 55 sec. (This song has forever haunted the Gazette publisher in the best way possible. Three bonus points).

12. “Calm Like a Bomb,” by Rage Against the Machine. Run time: 4 min. 58 sec. (A common shower timer used by the Gazette publisher’s husband).

13. “My Sharona,” by The Knack. Run time: 4 min. 52 sec.

14. “Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy,” by Mew. Run time: 5 min. 9 sec. (You’re welcome for your most epic sounding shower ever.)

15. “Rocket Man, (I think It’s Going To Be A Long Time),” by Elton John. Run time: 4 min. 41 sec. (Bonus points for being under time!)

16. “Kind Heart,” by Kyle J. Glenn. Run time: 4 min. 46 sec. (Available on Spotify. All the bonus points.)

17. “Somebody to Love,” by Queen. Run time: 4 min. 54 sec.

18. “Protect the Land,” by System of a Down. Run time: 5 min. 7 sec.

19. “Mr. President,” by Janelle Monae. Run time: 5 min.

Jason Windsor also contributed to this list in a super major way. Thank you!

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