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Occidental Oriented -March 2017 - MacKenzie Nekton


Occidental Oriented - March 2017 - MacKenzie Nekton

Greetings Occidental!

I’m writing this from an AirBNB in Boston, where I’m visiting some colleges, again. I won’t be back in town for another week either—I’m going to Finland! What a thing! For now, however, I’m in surprisingly warm, generally lovely Boston. I’m looking forward to my return to Occidental— I love my bed, and the trees, and my car (though it has been nice not having to drive anywhere!). 

The biggest thing I need to mention, obviously, is the April Fools Day Parade! It’s on April Fools Day—April 1st! The fun will start at the Occidental Center for the Arts, loop though town, and end back at the OCA. I’m guessing the start time is the same as last year, which was 1pm. The Fools Day Parade is always a blast—full of out rageous costumes, with a lively soundscape of the Hubbub Club and happy children. I treasure the Fools Day Parade as one of Occidental’s most fun, most quirky traditions. 

Other important Occidental updates? The annual Salmon Creek Harmony ARK Education Foundation’s (the ARK’s, for short) Auction is coming up on April 8th. More details should be forthcoming, but at the time of the writing, their website ( has not been updated. It’s worth checking out their website periodically though, for more information when it appears. You can also read all about their mission and work there too. 

Downtown Occidental is about to get a face lift—the Occidental Community Council submitted a grant application to the Historical Society Landmark Commission of Sonoma County for $2173, and it was approved! The grant will fund updating the kiosk in front Howard’s Station Café with information about the historical railroad and building a brand-new kiosk with more related information near the start of the Old Road.  The kiosks will be designed and build by Rick Coates. I’m really excited about this, partially because I got to help my mom write the grant and attend the grant hearing. It was a really interesting experience! 

40 Years serving out community. This isn’t new news—in fact, it’s a little bit old, but I only just learned about it now and I want to share it with more people! The West County Health Center is now (just over) 40 years old! It was founded in 1976, and in August of 2016, as part of National Health Centers Week, they received a Gold Resolution from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for their work. They are still fundraising to rebuild their Russian River office, which burned down eight months ago. They have a modular center up and running, never fear, but are planning to rebuild a permanent facility there within the next two years. Go check out their website ( to donate and learn more about their work. Or to book an appointment!

I can’t wait to be back in Occidental, and I’ll talk to you next month!