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Cloverdale Comments - March 2017


Cloverdale Comments - March 2017

by Carol Russell

Talkin’ Trash… We want to thank the Clean River Alliance and Russian Riverkeeper for gathering volunteers to clean our waterways before the heavy rains hit. Clean River Alliance began in Guerneville about a year and a half ago to clean the banks of the Russian River. Over time, they joined Riverkeeper, which oversees the health of the Russian River that runs from Mendocino County south to the sea at Jenner. It was wonderful having them join our locals to clean our back yard! Every bit if trash they collected does NOT attach to trees and creek sides, does NOT harm birds and fish, and does NOT end up out to sea where even more harm comes from floating plastic and sinking debris. More clean-ups will be coming this spring as we clean up from a very wet winter!

Sweet & Sour Citrus… Did you get to the Citrus Fair this year? As you know, the clouds parted from torrential rains long enough for our annual parade – thank you very much! Costumes didn’t get soggy, so everyone made it to the fair to enjoy our long-held tradition of celebrating citrus season. YummmmmmMeyer lemons! We are blessed with the perfect climate for citrus. So even though the weather was iffy all weekend, and rainy on Sunday, people did come to join us for a fun weekend. Congratulations to Hannah Bireschi, our Queen, Maya Rain Simms (crowned as Lily Lemon) and Giovanni Lopez (crowned as Oran Orange) and the MANY winners of the Talent Show, Exhibits, Derbies, Baby Contest….you name it – the perfect fair for Coverdale. You can see a list of everyone involved at the Cloverdale Reveille website. 

Live Theater… Cloverdale High School Improv Group is about to bring their youthful energy, imagination and talent to the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center! With no scripts, just suggestions from the audience, improv is great fun for the audience as well as challenging for the actors who have to think fast respond to the ever-increasing suggestions. People literally laugh themselves out of their seats over both the successes and failures of improve. It’s VERY fun! The performance lasts a vey quick hour. Tickets at the door (donation suggestion $7) Friday, March 3 at 7 PM. Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, 209 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale.

Speaking of creativity, Cloverdale is a mecca for talent and creativity. Rumors, the famous Neil Simon comedy, has been playing at the Performing Arts Center, starting their 10th season – congratulations! Set designs are unusually creative, local talent is especially good – as good as you’ll find in the Big City! The Center offers wine and beverages before the show begins and during intermission, so come to spend time with friends and share this experience! 

The BIG Celebration will be on May 13th, so put it on your calendar to celebrate a 10 years of live theater in Cloverdale, Can you believe it’s been 10 years since our community came together to restore the theater? This will be a stunning and delightfully creative party with costumes, pop-up theater, two bands – LOTS going on! Even Mike McGuire will be coming to run an auction to raise funds to keep our theater going. The next play on their agenda is Agnes of God which starts April 21st.

Fine Arts… Cloverdale Arts Alliance (204 North Cloverdale Blvd ) is hosting their next exhibit…“Marinate” starting March 18th with an artists reception from 5 – 7. If you haven't been to the gallery lately, this is a good chance to spend time with your neighbors enjoying guest artist Gwen Rosewater. It’s also a chance to see resident artists work Jane Gardner, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Sharon Kozel, Paul Maurer and Hanya Popova Parker, with featured work by Laura Paine Carr.

Summer follows spring…AND speaking of the Arts Alliance, Mark Tharrington and his crew are already booking bands, finding sponsors and getting geared up for another summer of fun in Downtown Cloverdale. Friday Night Live brings people to our downtown from all over Sonoma County to enjoy our farmers market, visit our restaurants and stores, and dance into the night. This one weekly event introduces people to Cloverdale every year, so we are grateful for the hard work of the Alliance that makes this happen for all of us!