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BOOK REVIEW - Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out


BOOK REVIEW - Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out

By Jeane Sloan

This just-published title by Healdsburg artist, writer, and counselor, Cathy Wild, is very thought-provoking author. 

Wild Ideas introduces an innovative concept of “creativity” as a wisdom-seeking tool – one which could be utilized to spur transformation in virtually any area of one’s life. 

The author, Cathy Wild has told her on her own soulful journey which she so candidly discloses in the pages of this heart-on-its-sleeve exploration. In so doing, she not only helps the reader shed his or her own inhibitions and preconceived notions, but delves deeply in equipping us to uncover and bravely pursue our own unique solutions using the powerful resources the book provides. 

Of the numerous endorsements Wild Ideas has already garnered, many report breakthroughs achieved in their personal and professional lives – again sort of turning on its ear this too-limited definition of creativity as these anecdotes are supplied by a lawyer and a political consultant as well as those “typical” creatives we’d expect to embrace this new book including a variety of artists and a writer/filmmaker, et al. 

Cathy Wild has forged and refined the navigation of these “seven stages of the creative process” as a somatic (holistic) counselor who works with private clients in her Healdsburg practice, Body-Centered Healing – having previously consulted in the business sector when her clients included Wells Fargo, Pacific Bell, and PG&E. 

 Formerly an instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, she created and conducted seminars on risk taking, change, and transition for graduating students. A 30-year resident of Sonoma County, she’s written Wild Ideas columns in years past for the Kenwood Press, Ukiah Daily Journal, and The Sonoma Arts Council Newsletter as well as an award-winning online magazine, Life Matters.

Beautifully written, the bounty of well-chosen quotes Wild cites at the beginning of each chapter also serve to support and expand her themes of curiosity and imagination; mystery and mourning; chaos and clarity; suffering and gratitude, and many more. The reader is led on such a clear, concise, and provocative inner journey, it’s as though you’ve gained a friend as well as an insightful counselor as you weave your way through Wild Ideas. You’ll often find the need to pause, reflect, and digest while consuming and embracing this altogether inspiring and transformative material.

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