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Green Valley Road at Atascadero Creek ready for evaluation


Green Valley Road at Atascadero Creek ready for evaluation

This morning, (Wednesday, February 23rd) water levels on the road receded enough to allow Transportation and Public Works (TPW - the folks who fix the roads) to do a preliminary evaluation of the segment of Green Valley Road that has been inundated with water. TPW staff are working to open the road to one lane by the end of the day on Thursday, 2/23, with stop controls for alternating traffic.

The water is currently running at about 3” deep.  TPW staff believe that a normal vehicle, driven cautiously, can now ford the creek that is running across the road.  There is only one-lane of good pavement right now, as well as a large pothole at one end.  TPW crews are filling the pothole as best they can, and will move the barrier to the side at each end such that it channels people into the one passable lane (the upstream lane). TPW staff will monitor the situation to make sure the road stays passable through the weekend.

While we know the community has been navigating the road under flood conditions for years, we would like to remind people to drive very slowly, be extremely cautious, stick to the upstream lane, and that everyone is fording at their own risk. 

TPW staff will follow up with local emergency response to make sure they know the route will have a single lane open and be accessible. 

In regard to work on the creek itself, the Water Agency and County staff are working on the permitting issue daily, are in constant communication with CDFW, and have committed $32,500 to the permit application process. At this point, all involved parties are actively working together to obtain the permit. We don’t have a firm date for issuance of the permit, but anticipate 1-2 weeks, and will let you know when it is received and work in the creek can begin.

The Water Agency will start work in the creek as soon as they have the permit (weather permitting!). Construction equipment and activities related to creek work will require the full use of the road. To allow for this work, the road will be closed during construction. Construction will last approximately one week, and will result in increased access to Green Valley Road in future rain events.

Thank you,

Sierra Cantor | Ecologist

Gold Ridge RCD
2776 Sullivan Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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