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Springs Splash - March 2017 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - March 2017 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

From Lost Kitties to Politics, Springs Residents Stay In Touch!

On January 28 twenty residents gathered at the Sonoma Library to greet and meet. Kathryn Page drew the group together by e-mail on the website, “Nextdoor Boyes Hill.” Kathryn encouraged local residents to participate in a non-political neighbor to neighbor gathering. Twenty people joined together around the table. For the most part they were strangers to one another. 

The rules of the day were to introduce oneself and say why you were there in three minutes. While billed as a non-political meeting, the topic of President Donald Trump soon surfaced. It appeared to this writer that most or all in attendance were not enthused with our newly elected leader. One member did claim her support and explained why. Everyone was polite and respectfully listened. The milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies were a great treat. It soon became apparent that Springs residents have a varied and interesting population. Apparently there will be another meeting on Saturday, March 4, from 11:30 – 1:30 p.m. Stay posted - Keep your eye on “Nextdoor Boyes Hill.”    

What is this phenomena, “Nextdoor Boyes Hill?”  

“Nextdoor” is a website that allows residents to communicate with their neighbors about community related matters. Categories of discussion include classifieds, local events, crime and safety, giveaway items, lost and found pets, service recommendations, and whatever else is on your mind. A recent list of topics included chimney repair, community origins, County fact sheet on the Cannabis Tax Election (3/7), lost cat, General Strike, dog trainer, health & wellness lecture, PC repair, an invitation to meet neighbors and form friendships, and buy bar stools, among others. 

So, you can’t go wrong. Sign on, Tune in, Join your neighbors! Go to

West-Handmade Burgers Expect To Open In Mid-May!

Nicole Benjamin and Garrett SathreCo-owners Nicole Benjamin and Garrett Sathre hope to open their burger and shake empire at 18375 Highway 12 in mid-May. The burger palace will open at the site of the former Los Primos Restaurant. Presently Nicole and Garrett are in a planning mode, obtaining appropriate permits and readying the location for a remodel job. Garrett and Nicole believe this is a perfect site for their new venture. 

Exciting Menu Planned…

West-Handmade Burgers will feature standard burger and cheeseburgers as well as one or two specialty feasts, the West Burger and Truffle Burger.

The West Burger will comprise spicy chipotle, crispy onions, smoked cheddar, and bacon. Garrett who has been in the food industry for most of his adult life says they are still testing for the “right” bun from several prominent bakeries. Milk shakes will be made with ice cream from “Three Scoops” in downtown Sonoma. 

Initially the “team” will be Nicole out front and Garrett in the kitchen. Additional help will be hired in due course. The couple has two small children to be cared for at their Springs home. Watch for the grand opening of West–Handmade Burgers. This venture seems to be the kind of establishment envisioned in the Springs Specific Plan to be unveiled later this year. 

Sonoma Valley Water Totals Vary Significantly

At least five Valley sites report rainfall to Community Coordinated Rain And Hail Studies (CoCoRAHS) at Colorado State. Become a CoCoRAHS reporting scientist - go to One receives a standard rain gauge and reporting instructions for $25 at this interesting website. U.S. and Canadian reporters post daily at CoCoRAHS. Sonoma County has more reporters (135+) than almost any county in the state.  Reporting is  daily, rain or shine. CoCoRAHS allows participants to study local, state, or national weather. Your report assists the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Weather Service.

Local reporters are in Glen Ellen (2), Boyes Springs (1), and the City of Sonoma (2). Local Precipitation in inches – Water Year to date (10/1/16 – 2/17/17) Glen Ellen – 55.29, Boyes Hot Springs – 37.88, Sonoma – 33.15.” Cazadero reports the greatest rainfall to date in Sonoma County - 86.56 inches.