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Sebastappeal - Sarah Gurney - March 2017


Sebastappeal -March 2017 - Sarah Gurney

by Sarah Glade Gurney

Lake Sebastopol

With the continuing surge of rainstorms, local creeks – Zimpher, Calder and Witter – have been emptying into the Laguna and helping fill it up.

The full Laguna offers the opportunity to paddle on “Lake Sebastopol” which extends north and east, along the Laguna’s channel, from near the Hwy.12 Bridge to Guerneville Road.

This adventure is for experienced, self-sufficient paddlers only. Locals usually launch canoes and kayaks from Occidental Road just east of the bridge across the Laguna. From that spot, boaters can venture south to Sebastopol’s Meadowlark Field and/or north to Santa Rosa Creek. Given the submerged barbed wire fencing throughout the area, inflatable boats should stay away.

There’s no lifeguard or safety patrol out there to help. The risks are real and the rescues are expensive. 

Less experienced paddlers could consider a docent-led tour with the Laguna Foundation. To see photos of Lake Sebastopol, visit and enter “Lake Sebastopol” in the search window.

Tree Care Needed?

With all the rain and wind this season, many trees have toppled over, sometimes taking the power out with them. Yours may need care to prevent their topple. Approaching springtime, consider if your trees need more attention.

Your Sidewalk is Your Responsibility

Excited about your fun Spring projects? Great, but reserve some of your gardening energy for the routine maintenance that will give your house curb appeal: clear and clean your sidewalk. You’ll also help the person trying to walk by your property.

It’s your responsibility to keep the sidewalk in front of your house neat and tidy. The City doesn’t have a crew to come do that work for you. You need to take care of your own sidewalk.

So get out your clippers and clear away the overhanging bushes and branches. Trim the foliage well away from the edge of the cement. Weed the cracks and remove tripping hazards. Then rake or sweep the debris into your compost bin.

Avoid the temptation to use the hose and cavalierly wash the sidewalk. Or worse, a leaf-blower. Nothing [other than traffic] generates more complaints than leaf-blowers and makes neighbors unhappy with each other. 

Don’t dump everything into the gutter figuring the street sweeper will clean up after you [there must be an ordinance against using the gutter that way]. The leaves from your driveway or entranceway could clog up the nearby storm drain if you don’t pick them up. Put ‘em in the green or brown can.

Make room for our pedestrians where our drivers expect them – on our sidewalks.

Kudos for The Barlow

Reading the banners across McKinley Street, the Barlow is the designated “marketplace” for Sebastopol’s Documentary Film Festival, celebrating its remarkable 10th anniversary. The Rialto again joins the DFF as the key venue and Taylor Maid Farms as a sponsor.

Festival-goers will enjoy the downtown venue for shows, meals, and treats, March 23 through 26.