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Guerneville Groove - March 2017


Guerneville Groove - March 2017

by Beth Rudometkin

Great turnout… at the February 16th public meeting regarding the Occidental Transportation of Sewage to the Riverside Drive lift station in Guerneville, proposed by the Sonoma County Water Agency. A lot of pooh was thrown around by the Agency and I honestly believe they were a little surprised at the response from our well educated residents of West County. It was standing room only at the Monte Rio Community Center with about 150 attendees. Numerous residents spoke about the negative effects of this proposal: Odor, noise, traffic, road conditions, negativity on tourism, the what if’s of downed trees, mudslides, road closures, flooding, substandard equipment, mercury rock, health and safety issues, diminishment of property values, etc. When it comes down to it, plain and simple though, there is a deed restriction in place from a previous lawsuit, Hughes vs Russian River Sanitation District, May 14, 1993 that prohibits this proposal to begin with, thus putting the Sonoma County Water Agency in violation of that settlement. And if that isn’t enough, there is a public easement smack dab in the middle of the proposed “driveway” which means they don’t own that portion of the lot! The panel was given all of this documentation, so let’s see how they digest it. What surprised me (I don’t know why; I guess I give people the benefit of the doubt too easily), was how an Occidental resident stated that they were told at a meeting in Occidental, that this was all “ok” with Guerneville! True politics. And more true politics, how one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing: did you realize that the Monte Rio Bridge has been found structurally inadequate and is failing? Engineers fear if we have an earthquake it would crumble into the river?!? So, it makes so much sense to have 15 daily trips of raw sewage in 30 ft long trucks go back and forth across the failing bridge, doesn’t it? This is a disaster waiting to happen people! Thank you to all who spoke so eloquently and knowledgably; forgive me if I misspell your names: Nic Pereira, Brenda Adelman, Mark Pedroia, Susan Packer, John Uniak, Westminster Woods, Susie Albrich, Dana Zimmerman, Misty Adams, Jay Dove, Steven Easther, Chris Gullege, Suki Robweiller, Grant Davis, Anne/AD HOC Committee, Chuck Ramsey, Griselda, Natalie, William, Lee Torr, Hans Bruener, Heather Hendrickson, Debra Johnson, Rue Furch, and more! Lynda Hopkins we appreciate your role as the Public Hearing Officer and putting the meeting together! Let’s now move onto the groovy stuff…

Do you like Paul Mathew Wine? Then you should attend the Russian River Chamber of Commerce Mixer on Wednesday March 1st! Of course it is at the Paul Mathew tasting room in Graton, with our groovy hosts Barb and Matt Gustafson. Falcon Mike will be providing transportation from the Chamber Office at the Plaza to the event and back, so call 869-9000 for more information.

Are you ready for an emergency? The Russian River Fire Protection District is having its training classes March 18th & 19th and again March 23rd & 26th from 9 am to 4pm for the Community Emergency Response Team. Please contact Marilyn Fox at for additional information.

Give Back Tuesday… every week at the groovy Rainbow Cattle Company! Have a delicious meal for only $5 and beneficiaries this month are the Russian River Health Center/Dental Clinic (3/7), Food for Thought (3/14), Russian River Historical Society (3/21) and Russian River Chamber (3/28).

I realize you aren’t looking for political rants in this groovy column, but I just had to share for those of you who were unable to attend the meeting. Please feel free to share your groovy happenings for April with me: or drop into Community First Credit Union on the corner of Armstrong Woods Road and Main Street.