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Ethnic Elegance at Galleria in Occidental


Ethnic Elegance at Galleria in Occidental

If you love to travel, but haven’t had the opportunity to get out of Sonoma County in a while, take a trip to Occidental, the sweet little town tucked into the Redwoods, and visit Galleria. It sits among a row of shops, just a couple of doors from one of our favorite pubs, Barley and Hops (best garlic fries around). 

Galleria has been around for twenty years. When Gina Keough took over the shop five years ago, she worked has hard to create an exotic and elegant experience for the patrons who enter its doors.  Houri jackets from Japan, Talavera pottery from Mexico, Peruvian pottery, African and Indonesian masks, exquisite Franz porcelain and ethnic art are a just a small portion of the treasures you will find there.  I’ve started collecting the Franz porcelain spoons and I’m almost afraid to use them, they are so stunning and delicate.

Gina and her husband have lived nearby for the past thirty years and have raised a family here. “Small communities are the best.  It’s nice to feel you belong somewhere,” she told me.  “I so appreciate my local (and non-local) customers.  They keep the smiles on our faces.”

Just to the left of Galleria’s front door you will find The Mad Hatter.  A toy store that Gina has worked hard to develop, with a vision of creating a shop that carries items you wouldn’t see everywhere. “Since we are so rural, I don’t try to compete with big box stores. In the Mad Hatter I try to bring in things that get kids to use their brains. There’s not a lot of plastic in there.”

On your next visit to Occidental, or just passing through, stop by Galleria or the Mad Hatter.  You might just find that unique and rare gift for the little or big person in your life, and support a local business at the same time.

3692 Bohemian Hwy. #3
Occidental, CA 95465