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We are all Immigrants in the United States of America

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We are all Immigrants in the United States of America

I had written my monthly Dear Readers when I was fired up with outrage over our new president’s total lack of respect for all our country stands for. Then, in the process of production, I lost what I had written.  So I have to believe fate played her hand and calmed me down. 

Our local activist Mary Moore, says that anger gets people motivated and yes, it definitely does light a fire of action. But sustaining that anger is hard on everyone, but especially hard on ourselves. There has to be a better way.

People say that this administration is some cosmic force to shine a light on all that we have not accomplished that still needs to be done. I can live with that. We have made progress toward human rights and environmental awareness, but these ways of seeing life are not the filters through which others are looking. 

I have always said that the Universe Works and this current series of events is testing my resolve on that one. As report after report comes in from all over the world that people are wondering what happened to our country...what train wreck are we heading toward, how far will this go…I have to remember my own theory that we often need to hit the wall of extremes in order to bounce back to center. Right now we seem to be heading at lightening speed toward extremism that is bouncing us to the other side of human rights and care and feeding of our planet. It's the opposite of how so many of us see as nurturing life. 

Not that long ago I watched a video produced by DHL International. They carry packages to the far reaches of the world, connecting people, services, and lives. The video was about how that connection was improving communication and economic welfare in every country they landed their planes. It was uplifting seeing entrepreneurs sending products across the planet to people who want to purchase and own what some woman in a tiny village made in order to feed her children.

I subscribe to National Geographic, and as Alan says, it’s become less a travel magazine and more an advocate for human rights, environmental science and awareness, and activism in educating people about each other..

What divides us is becoming fragile. That’s a good thing. The more we know and understand each other, the better chance we have of connecting, influencing perspectives and becoming friends instead of enemies.

I will continue to hope that there is good in all this bad behavior. That our future will be safe for more people instead of less. Who knows what journey we must takes to get there. But we’re on it, that’s for sure!

In the mean time, we take care of home, Sonoma County, so that our families can thrive while the world catches on fire.