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Soap Cauldron of Shared Devotion

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Soap Cauldron of Shared Devotion

By Emma Mann, Owner & Soap Artisan, 

My love for my child was the catalyst that brought us to a shared love of handcrafted artisan soap.

Sabrina Mann born premature21 years ago, before my soap partner was born, I thought that my accomplishments defined me. I served as a civilian Naval reserve officer in a war zone before women were allowed and was the first person in my family to graduate from college. These moments, however, paled against the undertaking of being a mother. My preemie daughter did not come into this world easily having been born, wrong side up and way too early. To nurture and love another human being unconditionally has been the single greatest accomplishment of my life. I quickly realized that this small and perfect being needed the best and so began a journey of growing and making her organic baby food, questioning every choice and even making her soap and salves myself. When Sabrina was three she joined in the process making soap for family and friends. After years working in the natural product industry, and making soap for family and friends for a decade we took a leap and began or own company.

I named our parent company Soap Cauldron and launched the brand Three Sisters Apothecary, named after the my myself and my sisters Marlo and Pandora. As girls, we spent Sunday afternoons gathering herbs for our grandmother, a nurse to use in remedies learning early that nature can truly be therapeutic. 

The art of alchemy best describes what we do. Our Soap Cauldron is the creative ground from which all our soap creations originate. We are family owned and operated and located in beautiful Northern California. Our handcrafted bar soaps are made in the time-honored tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. Each bar is poured in small batches with a unique combination of botanicals, pure essential, gourmet butters and plant oils to support skin naturally. We know that in this fast-paced world the simplicity of nature is often forgotten. Our goal is to bring back that reverence for nature with our products. 

We have cultivated a loyal customer base and it has given our brand longevity allowing us to transform from an artisan effort to thriving woman owned and operated small business. Recently we launched our second brand, Soapy Tails as Sabrina and I are passionate about our canine friends. We have created bars designed for the specific needs of various coat types. I guess this is what we find so exciting about our company, if we can dream it there is no reason we cannot make it happen. And yes, years later we still love making soap; my daughter and I create our bars together, choosing the herbs and scent profiles that make each bar unique. We source and package our ingredients locally to minimize our carbon footprint. Our boxes are printed on recycled board made with Solar power. We also use as many organic ingredients as possible as well as sustainable palm, and are certified animal friend by the Leaping Bunny Organization

Soap Cauldron also partners locally to make a difference. We believe that as part of our community and as a responsible business we have a duty to give back. We proudly support our community with regular donations of bar soap to clients of local shelters. Our love of soap comes across in our products and we feel that is a key reason why we have grown in our local community. Moving at a deliberate pace, we have been able to make truly thoughtful choices that have been well received. My child and her well-being has always been my primary focus. While starting, this company was a risk, I could do so once I knew that the ground beneath our feet was steady and my child was set on a path forward. I now have the best of both worlds; I can focus on a career of my choosing while still being her mother. The challenges on the horizon before us now are growing the business sustainably and leveraging sales with expansion.

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