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Flower Song - For the Love of Flowers in Sebastopol


Flower Song - For the Love of Flowers in Sebastopol

By Valery Larson

I have an affinity for flower shops.  The scent of Roses, Stock, Delphiniums, Sunflowers, Snapdragons and Daisies lift my spirit and clear my head, like a very inexpensive form of therapy.

Sue Engle, the new owner of Flower Song Florist on Main Street in Sebastopol has lovingly nurtured along the only brick and mortar florist shop in West County.  The refreshed interior of the shop has a sophisticated London meets San Francisco vibe with the soothing accent of a fountain that greets you when you enter the shop.  Sue came into this business in a roundabout journey via Manchester, England, where she grew up; then jobs that took her to London, New York and Hollywood until finally settling happily in Sebastopol.

“Owning a long established local business, there’s a responsibility to nurture and usher the business along in a challenging and changing market,” she told me.  Sue clearly enjoys the creativity of developing Flower Song’s own designs and offering ever changing seasonal products which bring pleasure to the recipients and comfort in times of difficulty and sorrow.

I asked Sue about the challenge of running the business.  “One of the greatest difficulties.” she said, “is finding experienced floral designers to join the team.”  I was given the opportunity to try my hand at creating a bouquet and even though I have done my own creations at home, it was more difficult than I had anticipated.

With the help of a great staff, Sue is committed to providing beautiful and endearing floral pieces, making sure the arrangement will remain fresh and hold their beauty to be enjoyed for days.  Check out Flower Song on Facebook or take a stroll into the shop and meet the gifted and attentive florists. There is a charming bird on a large cage sculpture in front of the shop, so you won’t miss it.

Shawna Wood (Flower Songs’ principal florist and store manager) tip for creating a beautiful floral arrangement: “Have your vase greened properly as the first step.  Placing the stronger stems of mixed greens forms a supporting framework, so when you start easing your flowers into the arrangement, they will stay where you put them, helping you move along without too much fussing.  Also, keep in mind the form and structure, considering height, grouping and spacing, before you cut and insert each stem.  Cutting the stems underwater will prevent air bubbles rising in the stems, lengthening the life of each piece.” 

Thank you Sue for energizing Flower Song florist and bringing beauty to our lives.

Flower Song Florist, 307 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472

707-829-1075 •