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OpEd - Pre-Inauguration Predictions


OpEd - Pre-Inauguration Predictions

By Alexia Sokolov


Trump supporters have taken unreal amounts of grief for over a year now and have been given very little space to reply.  I'd like to claim the right to voice some just as strong sentiment and pre-inauguration predictions, but I’m frustrated too - at the lack of adult behavior coming out of so many adults.  Adult behavior to me is having no prejudice toward a fact and considering all relevant facts before forming opinion, let alone never acting like smug indignant teenagers in a delirious hate fog.

The volumes of pre and post-election paranoia ridden contempt and ridicule, the ignoring of Hillary criminality facts by her followers (even giving her a pass on stealing the nomination from Sanders), the relentless doomsday predictions about Trump stated like factual fixed-in-stone horrors-to-come, and the obvious hypocrisy of how incensed the losers would now be if their opponents had lost and were acting just like them revealed whose supporters were really capable of deplorable behavior. 

Post election, this continued victim-to-be rhetoric is never even supported with why Hillary's position was better, but more than anything completely ignores how gargantuan a bullet America dodged by a huge wrench being thrown into any more forward progress of the murderous corporation benefitting war machine and Constitution eroding fascist Orwellian nightmare that the Clinton-Bush(s)-Obama legacy brought America to the brink of. 

Hillary was the most corrupt, lying, war mongering, favor-owing, dangerous sold out criminal to ever run for president.  While the mainstream media pointed megawatt spotlights on every nuance of Trump's weaknesses, they totally blacked out the grave significances of the $?00,000,000,000+ Clinton Foundation's criminality including the absconding of Haiti donations, the felony abuse of power by Hillary’s reckless creation of an illegal private server revealing her bribe taking, many sordid liaisons, the fascist collusion of being financed by the billionaire/globalist media owners and many more very red flags that deserved laser scrutiny for a president to be.  Luckily 160,000,000+ people saw thru it and stood up against it.

The Gazette just as much seemed to avoid any inconveniently negative facts about Hillary while supporting countless pending doom digs against Trump by people who I wonder were ever even able to sit across a table and show an understanding of Trump's clearly stated platform on his site.

My 1st year predictions:  I predict that while the hateful losers and mainstream media will keep dodging any positive facts about Trump, the changes President Trump will make... who I believe has his heart in the right place and an ego utterly unwilling to fail... will spark the greatest positive strides America has made since the long Clinton-Bushes-Obama decline.

I predict that all the while Trump is clearly creating tangible positive progress and restoring optimism, redirecting focus on constitutionality, American and family values and jobs, redirecting wasteful spending towards infrastructure, schools and healthcare, stronger immigration law enforcement, creating trade deals more beneficial to America and incentives for companies to stay and/or return… that the Trump haters will ignore or unfairly spin the positive and continue to huff and puff exaggerating any imperfection (in stark contrast to how neither the press nor public ever held the Clintons, Bushes or Obama under any microscope of accountability).  I do hope that demanding accountability does become the new norm – without exception.

To the haters:  Luckily, America and your children's future won despite your absurd unquestioning determination to keep the war mongering boldface liars in power that Hillary represented, all vile despicable criminals who live above the law who only care about getting richer and more powerful and really, really don't give a damn about you.

I predict that Trump haters will refuse to admit they were wrong about anything as long as possible, but will be slowly forced to give up the fight from looking more and more like childish stubborn egos refusing to acknowledge the forest for the trees as positive change momentum keeps increasing.  Let’s compare my predictions to all the doomed tone predictions from the haters in a year.


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