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Windsor Town Council meets about Lytton Tribe Plans


Windsor Town Council meets about Lytton Tribe Plans

LETTER to Windsor Citizens from Citizens for Windsor

The Windsor Town Council is back to its old ways of not representing the interests of their Windsor constituents and we need your help at the next meeting this Wednesday 1/18 at 6 p.m. 

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. It will be at: Civic Center Council Chambers (Near the Library), 9291 Old Redwood Highway, Bldg. 400, Windsor, California 95492

In December, we told you how the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) had asked the Town Council for a letter commenting on the Lytton’s application to have hundreds of acres on the edge of Windsor be taken into federal trust and made into a soverign nation. There, the Lyttons’ plan to build not only hundreds of homes but a 200-room hotel and a 200,000 case winery. It would destroy the Windsor that we know today. 

Many people from the community came out at the December town council meeting, urging the town to write a letter saying they’re against this land going to trust. We had high hopes the town would support its 20,000+ residents instead of the Lytton developers. 

On Friday, the town released the draft of their letter which can be seen at:

There are several problems with this draft:

1) The town never says that they are against this land going into trust and becoming a soverign nation. Windsor residents have overwhelmingly asked for this simple statement. Instead, the town contorts themselves in this letter to not say that in a simple and straightforward manner. 

2)  In 2009 the town council passed a resolution against the Lyttons’ plan to make this a soverign nation/reservation. This is the last action on this matter by the town and therefore the official position of Windsor. While the town mentions the 2009 resolution in the letter, they fail to make clear that this the town’s official position at this time. 

3) The town, in this letter, says they support the County’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement that has the county supporting the Lyttons’ plan in exchange for certain concessions including $6.1 million dollars to the county and a 22-year-ban on a casino on the land. By including this in this letter, they would be supporting this land going into trust for the first time. We can not let this stand. The town should not support this bad backroom deal by the county. We need to tell them that we don’t want them to sell the town’s interests for a $6.1 million to the county. 

4) The BIA can’t move the Lyttons’ land into trust because of a 2009 Supreme Court decision called the Carcieri decision. It is a landmark decision that has halted many such applications. Yet Windsor does not make this argument in their letter. They need to do so. 

5) The town’s letter says that “a portion” of the community are against the Lyttons’ plan. This is a gross understatement. The overwhelming majority of Windsor residents have voiced their opposition over and over to the town council. The letter also has some of the public’s objections listed at the end of the letter. But the objections are listed in note like form and are hard to understand. These objections need to be listed in a clear and full manner so the BIA understands the community’s concerns. 

In summary, we want the town’s letter to:

- State that the town is against the Lytton’s land going into federal trust. 

- Make it clear that the town’s official position is the land should not go into trust

- To NOT support the County’s backroom MOA agreement with the Lyttons.

- Point out that the BIA has no legal authority to move the land into trust because of the Carcieri decision

- More clearly lay out the community’s objections and make it clear that a overwhelming majority of people in Windsor are against this plan. 

This will be item 12.2 and there are several items before that. It is frustrating thing that we are unsure exactly what time this will come before the council. Many times residents have left before important items like this come up for discussion because they can’t wait. Please try to plan accordingly. Here is the full agenda:

Thank you for your support in protecting Windsor. 


Eric Wee

Michael Robison

Citizens for Windsor