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We’re Looking for the Next Mr. Healdsburg


We’re Looking for the Next Mr. Healdsburg!

It’s that time of year again! – The 2017 Mr. Healdsburg Pageant is coming to town, and men ages 21-121 are encouraged to join the fun! Now in its 14th year, the Mr. Healdsburg pageant includes beachwear, formalwear, talent, and interview contests – but don’t let that give you cold feet! Real skills seem to weigh little in determining the winner, and there are so many reasons to become a Mr. Healdsburg contestant. Past volunteers have had a blast in this silly, zany pageant, making lifelong friends and connections.

Jim Morris had an amazing time competing in the pageant, even though he had plenty of reservations going into it. “I had never sung, danced, or performed on stage,” Jim confided. “That petrified me. I drank a lot behind stage. I killed it.”

“It is so much fun to do something outside of your comfort zone, “ says Jim. “The community is so supportive.”

Tejpal Sekhon, who won the title in 2011, was new in town and “skeptical at first” when he thought about competing. But participating in Mr. Healdsburg wound up becoming his introduction into the community. “All of it was great,” said Tej. “I owe all of my positive experiences in Healdsburg, almost all of my wonderful friendships in Healdsburg, to the Raven, because they provided me a platform to introduce myself to our community. “

“During the time leading up to the pageant, getting to meet all involved in the process, all of the other contestants, I was already feeling the benefits of participating long before the night of the pageant,” says Tej. “I was meeting some great new people, I had an ice breaker built in just because my name and face were on the poster – it was great!” 

Chris Herrod, another past Mr. Healdsburg, agreed that the pageant was one of the most fun evenings of his life. “I am a big believer in this event. It’s one night when none of us need to take ourselves too seriously, when we can have a party and a laugh and do some real good for a central, hometown institution; the Raven [Performing Arts]Theater.”

The Raven is funded entirely off ticket purchases and donations and puts those funds right back into our community, hosting students, producing live theater, concerts, and educational lectures, and giving local kids and adults their chance to shine under the spotlight. If you’re looking for an alternative to touristy trends, for something that gives back to Healdsburg and fosters community, this is the event for you.

The 2017 pageant will be held on February 25 and interested community members should contact Carol Noack at for more information. Contestants must have a Healdsburg presence, through residency, work, or a strong social or volunteer role. We look forward to cheering you on!