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Sewerman Helps Citizens Fight THE CLOG!


Sewerman Helps Citizens Fight THE CLOG!

Santa Rosa Water’s sanitary superhero, Sewerman, made his debut on the airways and online. As the hero of a brand-new multimedia campaign, Sewerman makes a superhuman effort to help protect the community’s sewer pipes from his nemesis, THE CLOG. The campaign features Sewerman saving citizens from costly clogs and nasty sewer back-ups that have the potential to impact their wallets and harm local waterways.  

The Sewerman campaign features comic book themed ads that include “Can’t Flush This!,” with Sewerman swooping in to stop a not-so-flushable wipe from being flushed.  Sewerman also takes on grease in the “Grease is Gross!” ad as he warns citizens of the dangers of putting grease, oils, and other food products down the kitchen sink. And finally, Sewerman says, “Just Say No!” to flushing medication as he emerges from a porcelain thrown to say “Don’t flush ‘em! Use a free medicine drop-off site and the fish will thank you!”

Sewerman’s mission is to bring awareness to the habits that start at home and educate citizens about bad habits that have the potential to impact their wallet and the environment. This lighthearted campaign highlights items that should never be flushed, such as wipes, grease, and unused medication which can clog pipes and impact Santa Rosa Water’s regional wastewater treatment plant, which serves Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol, and the South Park Sanitation District.

Once clogged, wastewater in a sewer pipe has nowhere to go but out a manhole or cleanout in the street or sidewalk. The result is a greasy, smelly mess of pollutants that has the potential to enter the storm drain and end up in local creeks and waterways.

By focusing on the 3 P’s… Pee, Poo, and Paper, Santa Rosa Water hopes to answer the commonly asked question of, “What can be flushed?” The program offers how-to’s in addition to a do-not flush list so residents won’t get stuck with an undesirable mess.

For more information go to facebook/srwater.