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Rio Nido Magic - January 2017


Rio Nido Magic - January 2017

by Elena Chronis

December Chill

Whoa! The cold weather here in Rio Nido has been the topic of conversation at the RN Post office. Locals are bundled up and trying to stay warm and dry. We have had quite a bit of rain this month as our river is nice and full. Many of us here have been running our wood burning stoves and pellet stoves to stay warm.  I know that many of you are ready for Spring already to ease the chill for warmer days are welcome. Interesting enough many flowers are already blooming. I’ll be honest, I’m bloody ready for Summer myself.

The Holidays – Woot-Woot

Well, looks like we have all survived the holidays. Hallelujah! Seems like Xmas whizzed by with the New Year right on its tail. Happy New Year!

A holiday party took place on December 10th at Casa Larry & Elena at La Sierra Vista with all the “Who’s Who” of Rio Nido and some well known folks from Guerneville. Guests in attendance were: Clare and Carla Harris, Shawn Pratt, Charlie Ortiz, Doug Misner, Beverly Bird, Nate and Ingrid Emming, Kerri Cardelli and Monty, Steve and Patty Bailey, Jennifer Murnin and Nathan, John Uniack and Troy and Linda Magness. A wonderful holiday celebration with a fun group of amazing people. Grateful is the word of the day to be surrounded by such good hearted and cherished friends. TILL NEXT TIME.

Guerneville Xmas Parade

The Rio Nido GirlsThis years parade was a winter wonderland. We had some winners from Rio Nido.  The “Roadhouse Dolls” won 1st place in the Novelty Category.

Way to go ladies. The dolls on the float were: Melissa Damasauskas, Kerri Cardelli, Kerrin Randolph Griffiths, Molly Gallagher, Jenny Skelton, Kayla Roberts, Alma Caswell, Kim Link and Raena Jones Metzger.

Art Salon, Part Deux at the RNR

The second Art Salon Painting Party is scheduled for January 14th from 2-4pm at the Rio Nido Roadhouse. Featured artist is Kathryn Henderson. $20.00 includes paint, canvas, brushes and awesome instructors. You can upgrade for $10.00 more to include small bites and wine. Come on over and learn to paint. You can’t go wrong with wine, food and paint. You also get to keep your canvas. The first Art Salon party was a sweet success with a packed house. Mostly Rio Nidans in attendance but everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. I’m ecstatic and can’t wait to paint and hang out with some really fun people. For more info, please call 707 869-0821.  See you there. 

Rio Nido Pet of the Month

This is Harriet. She lives on Willow Road.  She is a four year old Tabby. Harriet was adopted as a kitten from the Sonoma County Animal Shelter. She was probably born feral, she is a bit crazy but is starting to settle into the pleasures of domestication. She enjoys sitting in front of the fireplace, enjoys playing with her Yoda toy, playing soccer with the foil ball from our local 5 & 10 store, digging in the yard and sitting on laps. Lets all give Harriet a big RN welcome.