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Roseland Review - January 2017 - Duane Dewitt


Resilient Roseland Wrap Up 2016



by Duane De Witt

Alfred Lemay was killed at the intersection of Sebastopol Rd. and Dutton Ave. two nights before Thanksgiving as he was riding his motorcycle home from work as a school bus driver. The well-liked bus driver did not get to see the New Year because an inattentive driver turned in front of him and caused his death. We urge all of our readers to be careful this year, and always, when driving anywhere; especially when driving on Roseland roads. The rain is back and road conditions are often unsafe. Please slow down to avoid unexpectedly losing your life like Alfred did. “Kill a biker and go to jail” should be the law of the land in this writer’s humble opinion.

 Now to wrap up some of what happened, or did not happen, during 2016 in Roseland. Of the three new affordable housing developments mentioned to be built in Roseland in 2016 only the Crossroads by Burbank Housing has gotten started on Burbank Ave. It is hoped by 2018 there will be over 70 apartments ready for occupancy there. The Paseo Vista project on Dutton Ave. has broken ground for affordable housing with homes for purchase, but the going is slow and hindered by the wet weather. Village Station, a project at Boyd St. and Sebastopol Rd. is stalled. 

 Annexation of the Roseland County Island is moving forward at a slow pace with the next step being a proposal submission by the city of Santa Rosa to the Local Agency Formation Committee (LAFCO). This agency will hold hearings about the proposed annexation allowing both opponents and supporters of annexation to weigh in for consideration of various viewpoints. This may not happened until mid-2017. Last year Tenis Wick of the County Planning Department explained he felt annexation would occur in late 2017. Recently Roseland Review got an interesting email against annexation and citing the Courthouse Square project cost overruns in Santa Rosa. There was an excellent overhead photograph of what the new parking area is going to look like there.

It is hoped the Roseland Plaza to be built at the old Roseland Village Shopping Center will not encounter problems of cost overruns and delays. The project may go forward in 2017 but the exact time frames are not known at this time for the plaza, housing, and community amenities being negotiated by the county with Mid-Peninsula Housing Development Corporation. The county put in a small playground and “work out” area on the north side of the property next to the Joe Rodota Trail. The “Homeless encampment” known as Camp Michaela is still there behind the green screened chain linked fence. It has been there for 14 months now and other homeless camps are being planned in Roseland or nearby based on this type of “tent city” model.

Cement Park on West Ave. across from Shepard Elementary School is open now for skateboarders and others having all kinds of fun on the cement podium, “half pipe”, wide roadway, plus the cement benches and tables. Good fun for the youngsters and it has been said there may be some sort of “park opening” ceremony this spring. The Sonoma County Gazette will be hosting a Community Forum with new County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins in the spring also. Watch these pages and the website to find out the exact date once the arrangements have been made. Roseland Review is advocating for a “Roseland Dance Party” to be held before then so we can have some fun and get to meet each other without politics getting in the way. Have a GREAT New Year and please share anything you think Roseland Review should hear!