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Cazadero Communications - January 2017


Cazadero Communications - January 2017

by Natasha Pehrson

Gazing out from my cozy cyber-hut, I am happily amazed by the wonderful sun hitting the large and very green redwoods.

We of course have had the benefit of a traditional amount of rain so far this season and now have over 30” in the seasonal ‘bucket’! I do hope that you all have not had any major damage and are embracing the moisture! We say ‘pray for Tinkerbell’ to help keep the power on!

Time approaches for those necessary winter projects. Remember that Cazadero Supply offers its 1st Saturday 15% Discount Day, with a wonderful assortment of items for your household, garden and vehicle needs. Raymond’s Bakery is taking a break and will reopen around Valentine’s Day. Do check out the Cazadero and Duncans Mills General Stores,now both owned by Justine and Darrell with daily groceries and wine, meats and many locally produced specialty items.  

Contact Cathy at regarding volunteering for the great Sky Garden.

Although the Cazadero Community Club is currently on hiatus, monthly meetings will resume on Tuesday, march 7,2017 at 7 p.m. at Firehall #1. You may send your dues of $15 per family or $10 Individual) to P.O. Box 3, Cazadero, CA 95421. Join with your neighbors in planning wonderful events which benefit the entire community!

Think about participating in the Forest Unlimited’s Annual Redwood Tree Planting in January. You may contact Carl Wahl at 874-9268 or for further information.

We are now officially into Winter and I really appreciate all of the festive lights! They certainly make navigating our very dark roadways a bit easier! 

I find myself remembering Christmas and New Year celebrations while visiting other countries, such as Mexico, Spain, Nepal and Thailand. Christmas and New Year’s are big beach times for Mexicans as well as us visitors. We used to sit on the sand at Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico and place votive candles around us all. At midnight on December 31st, we sang songs and ate grapes, one by one, with each one representing an upcoming month – no bad grapes, please! That is a  tradition that I had remembered from living in Spain. We admired the beautiful teak Christmas ornaments on the huge tree at the posh Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and watched a wonderful dance performance at a traditional ‘Khan Toke’ dinner in Chiang Mai,Thailand. As the very graceful women danced the ‘fingernail’ dance(long brass nails on their hands) I admit that I volunteered my husband Gregorio to accompany them on the stage! However you celebrated your special holiday,I hope that it was stupendous!

I wish Very happy January Birthdays to my friends Peter Perlman, Curtis Ross and son Meshack Sabbah-Ross who all celebrate in early January, Alana Mumy will celebrate on the 1st, Eli Ellis on the 2nd, my wonderful husband Gregorio celebrates his 69th on the 6th, Frank Johanson enjoys the 7th, Kellie Hickson on the 12th, Ace Volunteer Kris Fein has her special day on the 12th, Hank Weidmann will be 30 on the 17th, Christina Tourady enjoys the 18th, Catherine Canelis on the 21st, and Ashley Parmeter on the 26th.

The Montgomery Elementary School will be back in session on Monday, January 9th after the winter break. School will then be closed on January 16th to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. On Jan. 20th, the students will be off but their parents will be at school to participate in parent-teacher conferences. 

I send my best wishes for all to have a peaceful, prosperous and healthy New Year of 2017. Please call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!

I hope that you all will enjoy your favorite holiday and continue to be very grateful for our local natural wonders and inspiring landscapes. Please call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!